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What is your National (or your City) symbol? What is the story behind it?

"Bunga Raya" or hibiscus is the National flower of Malaysia. It was chosen by Malaysia's First Prime Minister's wife 50 years ago. The hibiscus was chosen from a selection of seven flowers; Gardenia, Jasmine, Ylang-ylang, Lotus, Spanish Cherry, Rose and Hibiscus. It was chosen for its unique five-petals and red in colour. The red colour symbolises bravery, political solidarity and economic strength whereas the five petals symbolises the principal of Malaysia's Pillars of State.

What is your National (or your City) symbol? What is the story behind it?

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the kapok. but i hvnt found the story, i will tell ya later, dear sis!

WOW. Nice flower. Can't wait to read the story behind it Mick.

Adlet, WOW. Thank you for sharing. Now, I know a little bit more about Kazakhstan. 

WOW Babi. Of all probable origins of Georgia, I like the best about the Dragon Slayer. It sounds so romantic  :-D. Thanks for sharing about your country.

Hello Noas,

Let me introduce myself, ehmm I'm Algerian...that's all LOL :D  Algeria known as the country of martyrs, and this is Monument of Martyrs,

   Our  national flag consists of 3 colors:

Red : which symbolizes the blood of martyrs and the struggle to liberate the homeland.

White : Which  symbolizes purity and peace.

Green : which symbolizes the land.

Asma. I never know that Algeria is also known as the country of martyrs. Thanks for sharing this information. Now I know more about your country besides couscous  :-P :-D

hi noas dear...these are some of the national symbols of my country, Philippines :) :

The Philippine Flag....

      The Philippine flag carries the colors and elements that symbolize the country’s struggle to gain its freedom after almost 400 years of oppressive Spanish domination and subjugation. The band of royal blue should always be atop the crimson band to signify the prevalence of peace, justice and freedom. Otherwise, hoisting the flag in a manner that places the red band, which symbolizes valor and patriotism, over the blue band, signifies that the country is in a state of war. Positioning the red band over the blue means the people are ready to lay down their lives in order to preserve the country's independence and freedom.

         The triangular white section signifies equality and brotherhood throughout the three major islands of the country. The three stars in each corner of the triangle represent the three islands, namely Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The golden-yellow sun at the center of the white triangle has eight major rays representing the eight provinces that initiated the revolt against the Spanish government: Batangas, Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, Manila, Pampanga, Nueva Ecija and Tarlac.

         The Philippine National Coat of Arms and Great Seal, carry the same tri-colors, as well as the sun and stars to denote the symbolism signified by the Philippine flag.

         The Philippine national flower is the
sampaguita” (Jasminium sambac).

          It’s a story about a pair of star-crossed lovers, in which the girl is a pretty maiden with soft and delicate features similar to that of the sampaguita’s. The year round blooms symbolize her vow not to leave her beloved, even after her death. She fulfilled her promise through the sweet scented flowers that sprung from her grave, as she makes her presence felt each night when the flowers come into bloom.

          Hence, the sampaguita flower symbolizes the Filipino’s sense of commitment to a vow or duty to always keep a promise no matter what. However, in today’s more practical context, the sampaguita flower symbolizes hope for some of the poor Filipino folks.

Dear Jin, Your Country's flag is so full of stories. Thanks for sharing it. And your National flower's story is so romantic. This flower is also quiet common over here. I love the smell of it, but never thought there was a story behind it's lovely smell.

Once again thanks for sharing your country's symbols.

The most important symbol on my country its owr National Flag.

It represents what who we are as a Nation and as a united country.

The Red colour means the blood spilled by all the portugueses who fought for what you have today.

The green colour means hope and trust on what we believe as a Nation.

The five shields represent  the five wonds of christ before his sacrifice.

The seven castles means the seven battles against the Moors in Algarve (South Portugal) right before we get our independence.

At last the yellow sphere represents the most important period of our Nation, when we were an empire and we had all the comercial routes spreading around the world.

Bruno, thanks for sharing the story of your flag. 

That's really cool. I liked it. Mine is the California Grizzly Bear. Noas, I'll write about it.

Eric. Looking forward for the story behind the symbol. I hope it has nothing to do with Hollywood :-D

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