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What is your favourite smell and why? What memories does it bring up?

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Don't have any. Strawberries smell good. The forest smell good, especially after rain.. I think. There's so many good smells, that can't chose any. Beside. Humankind have ruined most of good smell by misuse. Like using them for air-fresheners and perfumes.. yuck. I suppose I have to think a good rare smell that no one else likes, then it won't get misused. But it's hard. Most of good smells are liked and already ruined/inflated by stupids.

There are some smells that I hate also. One of them is the coffee with milk, I think.. It's yucky. I don't drink coffee, so I don't care.. Maybe it doesn't smell always bad, but sometime, I've felt it.. When someone have had coffee with milk, it smells so yucky. Don't know why.

Fantastic Discussion!

Auh....Flowers and morning breeze are my favorite smells

You know, I have a great memories with these scents...As my dad is used to run in the club early in the morning every weekend and he accompanies me and my mum with him...When I start to go out my home, Immediately I can smell a pure is the breeze of the morning "WoW it is Awesome"

Then While I am running in the club, The scent of the beautiful flowers begins to spread all around me...

I enjoy both scents from my childhood until now...

So I adore the scents of flowers and the morning breeze

Fragrance of flowers is my most favorite smell. Especially the tuberose, which in Iran we call it "Maryam" flower.

Flowers are gist of nature, in my opinion. They carry the freshness of water, fertility of the soil and light of the sun.


One more thing I want to add. One special, magical, spiritual, mysterious odor comes to my nose and fills me with love when I hug my mama. :)

Thanks for the nice topic


Wet grass I think. It brings me childhood memories.

the smell of the wet grass n ground after the brings me into a memory when my late Dad and I, one day, were walking along the grassy field together...

Hi Hardy!

Thanks for your reply.  It's interesting and unpredictable as usual. I'm a coffee fan and I can't understand your attitude to it. I drink black coffee and don't like white one, but the smell .... it's pleasant, I think so. You are the first person I've met who considers this smell to be bad.

I like the smell of the strawberry field in very hot sunny weather. It's quite different from the smell of strawberries on the plate.

Hi Girl from the Fairy Land!

The pictures you described are beautiful and vivid. I see you and your family running in the morning and enjoying the nature.  Nice picture!


Dear Zahra!

I adore your answer! I mean your fantastic phrase about your mom. Thanks a lot for it!

I had to google to find out about tuberose. I don't think we've got it in my country, but the smell of any roses is unbelievable! 

Agree with you! We used to run barefoot after the rain in our childhood and the memories are so sweet!

Dear Natalia!

It's so happy that this discussion reminds you your dad. It's nice to think about our close people.

sure, Tetyana...thank u...

I do miss him...

Hi De Wan!

The flowers in your avatar are white as well! Are the WHITE flowers special for you? 

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