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What is the most important thing in your life? and why

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For me, everyone have its own aim in his life and what`s important for each of us is quite complex. I really cares about my family - it`s the most important, 2 place - health. And one of the most impressive part of my life contains my friends. I love them! They are the best that I have in the whole world, but nowadays it`s rather hard to find so good people who will cares about you too and have the same interests. But whatever that I said for me the most important are family, health and FRIENDS.


  the path


I'm sure that my family is the most important thing in my life!!!!!


Health and wealth. With health and wealth, I can do what I want. See what I have written about my city.



I agree with you bro. Bye the way, are you a teacher of English? If yes, please visit my blog to correct my English. Thank you.

My family . cause they are my life .

Hi, in my opinion 'FAMILY is the most important thing in my life'. Iam living for my family and i want to do something for my family.........Because i love them verymuch..............


i agree with you and i liked your comment

The most important thing in my life is myself! If i was healthy, happy, wealthy, kind-hearted, and caring myself, i would be compassionate to help my family or my friends.

that's a good good question and I'm not that i'll be able to reply it well 'cause there are so many thi,gs I do love, and if I am asked to choose only the best I couldn't 'cause for me all are beautiful!!!! my family, my friends, my enemies, ALL, my mistakes, my regrets, my wrong step!! ALL I do love!!

Hi Ashnik, 

I guess the best thing in life,knowing that are many good things,is to leave this life with a good heart and deeds. Thank you for the question !

The most important things in my life are my children because they are the precious gift that God has given me...

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