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Take a look at this picture. Describe the first thing that comes to your mind. Don't over think it!

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Egoist Ety

I'm sorry, Did you mean E.T? As in the movie E.T? If yes, interesting.

Uhm I'd say they are 2 popular characters from a movie, but I don't wanna be a party pooper telling the answer!  So I'd make up my own version:

I see 2 victorian women resting on a bench alongside a lake and feeding the ducks. They are looking at each other and thinking to themselves: "Who is that woman staring at me in the other side of the lake? She's giving me a weird look... And she's wearing my same outfit! What a nerve! I should go there for having a few words with her! Yeah! I'll do that! I'm gonna stand up and... Oh wait... What a weird thing, she resembles someone I know... Might I know her? OH! She looks like me!! She is ME! My reflection!!" *and right at that moment, the woman faints. But the reflection keeps sitting on the bench, feeding the ducks*

P.S. I swear I didn't 'overthink' :D

Yeah, I reckon I'd have to read a term paper if you did=D

It is sorta a Rorschach inkblot,  a type of projective test used in psychoanalysis_Furug_¶©:)

Wait a sec, now that I'm thinking about it, E.T wasn't an egoist, was it?:(

At first sight I saw like an evil face although then I saw Batman hehe...

Btw, what's this? A sort of psychological experiment?

 Even if you did tell the answer, (  Which you didn't. How considerate of you btw), I'm still curious to know which one of them comes to their mind first. :D

Yep! So you saw both? First maleficent then moral. Hmmm, interesting:D

A738a, don't want you to know how are the dark recesses of some of the EC members' mind... it could make your hair turns white :D

Estanis, right, I think this is a test for checking who is the craziest of we all.
But it's ok, you just act normal! :D

Oh yeah? Bring it! =D

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