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pull a swap

bridle trail

let someone off the hook

yuck something up


I dig what you lay down

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I can't find "pull a swap" on an internet. Is it spell correctly?

"Bridle trail" should be Bridle trails which is a giant park in Washington, I guess.

"Let someone off the hook" means to allow someone out of an awkward situation that he don't want to be in or to let someone not to do something he don't want to do.

"yuck something up" means to mess something up/dirty up or make a mess of grossly. while "yuk it up" means  to joke/horse around and chuckling/laughter

Example: Don't yuck up my stuff please, but yuk it up all you please with your friends if you want to.

"scram" means to go away usually as a command to order someone to leave the place.

Example: I said I was busy, so scram.

"I dig what you lay down" means to dig or dig it to understand/appreciate,
a way to acknowledge that you follow what you're being told.


a: once you turn left off of wisconsin avenue, the road splits, you want to take the hard right...
b: i'm picking up what you're laying down

I think "Picking up what you lay down" has same meaning as "I dig what you lay down" Here.

Nasilsin Sumeyra, ve teskkur ederim! If I answer those phrases, will you accept me as one of your friends? 

Omg, I didn't know even one of them:(...
Thank you, Pint for explanation!

You're welcome, Roman. I don't know either before finding answers on an internet.^^
Roman said:

Thank you, Pint for explanation!

Sumeyra, can you give the sentence where "pull a swap" is cited. 


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