Music could be in our daily habit. We can hear it on the radio, on TV, and in other places. It's even within us! I bet you would try to hum while doing chores. 

  There are hundreds of types of music. The common types are inside the wordle above. You can choose a type of music, and share your thoughts about it.

  I would prefer Pop music because it perks up my day. Listening to upbeat songs could help get rid of stress and bad moods. 

  What about you? I bet you're a music lover too. : )

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What are your favorite songs?

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Good topic Robbie :)

I'm a music lover. I like classical music because,it has a calming effect on me and evokes more emotions.

Hi Dinushi,

  It's good to hear that you're a music lover too! Yes, classical music is pleasurable to hear. It is relaxing too. Thank you very much for joining this topic. : )

Actually .. i have no special kind to listen usually .. but i can choose between Rock & RNB ... they are my best ... but i also enjoy listening to songs in different languages ... which i don't understand ... and sometims only music with no words ... 

Hi Ultimate,

  Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this topic. It seems exciting to hear music in different languages especially if we couldn't understand the lyrics. Good beats and the voice of the performer what make us in awe. RnB is soothing to listen to. So, who are your favorite RnB singers then? : )

Certainty Robbie, Your message is true, music is one of the more pleasurable inventions and activities have already invented for the mankind. . I enjoy music mainly why through them we can learn a little bit of English words daily. Do you agree? It`s a good method learn English through some interestind songs for us but with no exempt the good and old grammar lessons.

Hi Daniel,

  Thank you for taking the time to respond on this topic! I'm glad you like music, too! I absolutely agree with you. It's beneficial to listen to English songs especially if there are new words that can add to our vocabulary. If you like, you can check out the Music tab of our video gallery, where you can find songs with lyrics to sing with.

  Have a great time learning English!

Best wishes,


Music is one of important thing in my life. I listen to many types of music, because it depends of my mood. When I feel happy, I listen to rock. When I have some problems I listen to polish rap to find an answer. When I am with my friends, we usually listen pop or electro. Every type of music is good :)

I have the same opinion with you.

Hi Marlena,

  Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this topic. It's nice to hear that you like music too! Music is indeed good! It matters according to our preference. Have a great weekend!





Thank for your topic. I really dont know exactly which types of music I love because I love any songs that I consider its great. I think a great song is based on the particular situations. For example, When I'm happy, I like listening the pop songs, when i'm boring,I always listen the classical songs even maybe make me cry, when I'm on a bus or a train, I like listening the folk songs, its so soft...

So I think its so hard to answer exactly your question. :)
My English is so bad because of my poor vocabulary. Sorry for anything make you upset.

Hi Dat,

  Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this topic! It's OK if you couldn't choose a song. It seems you're interested in different types of music. I think it is a good idea to hear different genre since music is very diverse. I agree with you, Pop songs can lighten our moods especially when we're bored.

  As for your English, I don't think it's bad. You wrote your sentences well and it's a good start to be here on MyEC where we can practice our English while interacting with different people around the globe.

  By the way, I'm not upset. As a matter of fact, I'm grateful that you took the time to write your comment here.

  Wishing you a lovely week!

Best wishes,


Hi everybody,

I like this particular topic because listening to Music is my favorite hobby.

I guess I´m from the Old School because my fav music groups are from the 60´s and 70´s ( The Beatles, Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Grateful Dead, Simon and Garfunkel, Janis Joplin, The Doors, and so on.

Nowadays I´m following Dave Mathews Band and Jean Michel Jarré.




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