Why do people make such an effort to have a chance to vote, maybe even protesting or fighting and dying for their rights...and then not vote 100% of the time?  

I've lived in many kinds of countries and I am amazed that some people will die for the right to vote and others who have the right don't use it?  Any ideas?

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I think it is about mood in society. Sometimes we feel strong patriotism to change something, we see some hope that things might be changed. On the contrarery when politicians we gave our votes to, our hopes to, dissapoint us, no wonder we don't care. At least I feel it like this...

If a polititian disappoints me by stealing or some other bad thing I can't just turn my back and let him keep doing it. I feel that I have to vote for another person to remove the one who betrayed my trust. No way I will let him remain in office if my one vote can make a difference.

But when I was young we worked very hard for the right to vote at 18 because they could send us to war at that age and we couldn't stop them if we couldn't vote against them.  At the same time in parts of the US people were dying if they tried to vote and other people didn't agree because of the color of their skin.  

It is funny that years after we got those rights, even some who marched, protested and saw friends beaten by police might avoid spending one hour to keep the country from getting worse. Still,in a democracy we have the choice to live with bad conditions or try to change things by voting.

Hi Luci.

I know you are in the Czech Republic and people in every country may have a view because of their own situation. Some countries don't allow anyone to vote. Others may only let men or land owners vote.

I should have started this asking that we say the name of our country since many people may not know us.  I will correct that here for people who have already answered. Let's explain where we are from.


LUCI...........Czech Republic





ME (BOB).....living in Japan, from USA..and lived in many countries

That's the thing with democracy. You vote or not as you wish. But it amazes me to see mass protests and know that if these people are successful and get the choice to vote, they or at least their children may forget all the pain that it took to get the right to vote. If we don't vote we can't complain if our governments becomes bad, in my opinion. Still, it is our choice.

Hi Bob, gald to see you. I think this happens because people don´t know what democracy is... Democracy is the best form of government but it doesn´t mean it´s perfect; it´s full of failing because is a human institution.

The first step Bob, is to educate young people, show them the importance of the vote. If you don´t know about something, probably you won´t be interested in this issue.

Thanks for your time, Gerardo Gordillo

PD: I really appreciate your corrections...

I know one think Mr. Bob, in my country even if I do not go to cast my vote my vote somehow is cast.  In one election my elder brother went to cast in the last hours, he was told that his vote has already been cast, when he got angry, the organizers said, "Sir, you cast somebody else vote."

In my country people love criticise and judge to the government whatever its wing is and most of the ones who look for trouble don't vote. (Hipocrisy)

Voting is for the purpose to avail our rights through a developmental process, through a legally recognized method, yet in many corrupt countries voting give no such results, instead voting become a marketing and a price for the vote is fixed and rich candidate bribed voters, so they get succeed through dirty and unacknowledged ways, specially my country is one of them, each we vote and each time we were deceived by the candidate we made pass in the election, we see no change in our country yet, though they shout to bring all stars down to the earth for us, yet after succeeding in election we see them nowhere,

This a very long and unpleasant discussion,Thanx Sir, Mr. Bob, for this discussion

Thanks AR.

 The election rules vary from one country to another, but in the end it is a struggle to get into parliament. Who wins the election, wins too many advantages, social relevance, material benefits, and influence. Some people want to change the system because they do not feel justice, or for spread of corruption.
The others are fighting, to get to this honor, either by force or bribes or fraud ... etc.
 On the other hand, there are passive people, they have the right to vote but they aren't interested in it so much, so they don't vote.
Thank you for shearing. Thanks for Sharing.

Thanks for the reply. I know Areality is in Pakistan. What is your home country Samuel?

Thanks Samuel. I really enjoyed spending some time in Egypt, but it has been so long. I used to buy falafel along the streets in Cairo and enjoy walking across the city. That was many years ago.


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