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"she didn't seem perturbed about the noises around her"

As 'did' is used in the above sentence the usage of word 'perturbed' correct?

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Yes, the usage of the word "Perturbed" is okay! "Seem" is a verb which functions like a link verb: "be"
You could say: She wasn't Perturbed and the sentence remains grammatical.
So, to sum up, the word "Perturbed" happens to be complement of "Seem" and is very well-used!
Hope my short explanation is useful for you!

so as 'did' is used in the sentence ,past-participle of verb 'seem' is not used?

Hi Shrikant,

Perturbed is an adjective. And yes, in this sentence, it is as a complement.

** She didn't seem perturbed about the noises around her. 

** She didn't seem angry about the noises around her.

Seem is a VERB. And this is a simple past sentence. So, you're right.

You can visit here for the example sentences of "seem"


how can we use past-participle of verb 'annoy' in the sentence?

"She didn't seem annoyed about the noises around her"

Is the above sentence correct then? i am sorry but i am confused 'annoyed' is past-participle of verb 'annoy' as well as adjective..

Kiya haal hain Shrikant Wath? Sub si paihili, main tum ku dost manta, mumkin? Concerning your question, "did is an auxiliary verb. It is used with the past simple tense to make the sentence negative, question or even more positive. (she didn't seem perturbed about the noises around her) 'seem' is the basic verb of the sentence which should come in its present participle shape after the helping verb 'did'. The word 'perturb' is describing the state of that lady while the noises were going on. I hope this helps. 

Thanks for your answer sir :)

@Shrikant. The sentence is perfectly correct, as the other excellent post have said. "Did" negates the VERB "seem", not the word "perturbed". In this sentence "perturbed" acts as an adjective (coming from the past participle of the verb "perturb".)

She seemed happy.
She did not seem happy.

She seemed perturbed.
She did not seem perturbed.

Very well explained with examples..thanks sir :)


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