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Hi everyone,

Translation from one language to another is very difficult because of the context and culturasl background of the words. For instance, if we try to translate from Arabic into English many problems will emarge like, style, Grammar, structure, and meaning. It seems like bulding and demolishing and rebuilding a house that you want it to be very strong and beautiful too. Such a process is consuming and makes the translator very nervous and sick. From my own point of view translation from English into Arabic is more easier, It is possible because Arabic is very rich language where you can find several proper words. What do you say? Please comment on that, and thank you.   

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Nice topic, I agree that translation from English into Arabic is more easier. This is fact, translation into any foreign language is much difficult than translation from your native one.
Not only as Arabic is a rich language but also as the differences in cultures, as I am Arabian, I don't have the complete sense of any foreign language except if I travel to that countries and gain the sense of their culture, I think at this time I can master the translation from and into this language...
So, in my opinion I think it is a matter of culture awareness.
Thanks a lot for the nice topic...


translation is one of the hardest aspects of language. If you want to translate a text into another language, you should know both of the cultures. without knowing cultural factors, we can not translate properly. I also want to add something too. yes, It is easier translate an English essay into Arabic for you because you are Arabic,and I think, for an English person, it is easier translate an Arabic text into English. It is about having information about target text,and culture. Because of this, translating an article into our own mother tongue is easier for everybody.

very nice and useful discussion, thank you for sharing ^_^

Hi everybody:
It is a very interesting discussion. You speak about Arabic language and I come from Spain. But I find very difficult to translate Spanish from English. I agree with Mariam: there are a lot of differences in cultures. For example the Spanish grammar it is very hard and there are also many words that you write exactly but the meaning it is very different.
Perhaps, I think a tip: we need to try think in English and not in our mother language. I understand better foreign speakers English than native English.
Regards for all group: Poldos.


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