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Yeah... O.K.  But this is a 'introduce yourself' section.  Lo pillas? ;)   Thank you.

I didn´t get it 

Hi Harold, :)

Estanis meant your discussion was in a wrong category. 

Beautiful day to die? The author was probably in a great happiness. :)

gotcha Onee 

yea, author must be smoked some cheer grass :D

hahahaha just enough to cheer up 

I think you all are little bit wrong. I think, author means that each day is worth to live or to die in it!

About that phrase, I think it is one more phrase to express how great that day is.

I actually love that phrase, in my case I would take it to show real acconplisment or happiness

It shows that the author is ready to die today. 

hahaha little cute blonde 

not necessarily, it´s beyond that, it might involve great happiness ME


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