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Should we get emotionally attached to our online friends??

I usually do, but I started to doubt the wisdom of my behavior. The reason is that some of my friends here left and deleted their pages few of them i lost contact with them totally and they didn't even tell me why they left. It hurts so much when you  miss them and wonder if  you did something wrong? Sometimes they keep in touch via other social websites or e-mails. Still l wonder if it is safer to just think of online friends as temporary acquaintances, Is it even possible to control our feelings this way?

What do you think??

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Well dear Rabab, I don't know why I thought about Notears when I read your words lol maybe because she's one of those who left without a word and many many others I do really miss them!

Anyway! about controling our feelings, I'm not sure we can, for me it's something that came out of my hands and I guess you know what I mean :)

Nice blog, keep it up!

Yeah I know exactly what you mean. So it happens this way: we meet people get attached they leave we get hurt. It is not a mistake we can learn to avoid we have to just live with it like many other disturbances of this life.  Still, it hurts every new time and makes you remember the previous losses.. What a drag! 

Thanks for your comment dear it kind of consoled me.. And yes I do miss notears terribly. 

Dear Rabab,

I think you are wrong. You shouldn't let yourself hurt! You can control it.

You know, there was a period that I was addicted to MyEC and my friends here. Finally, as I could not control myself and my feelings, I got really hurt. I could not see them as unknown online friends.

Yet, I have to add that throughout those bad times of emotionally being hurt, I could find a true friend. That was an exception. She was so kind and truly a friend who couldn't see me in that bad condition.

Anyway, as an experienced user here, I recommend that you stick to the real tangible life out here, and just think of here as a place to learn and communicate, yet a place that is not there forever, with all its members.

The solution to your case could be this: try to make more friends with buddies at university, school, among the family members and relatives, or whatsoever. It is more logical.

Yet, it is not guaranteed that you won't get hurt by those real friends. If you can control your feelings and keep your expectations sensible, you won't be hurt by anybody.

Just keep in mind that no one is at your service. No one is always there for you, even your parents and spouse.

I know that I seem too rough, but it is what I experienced. Though, I can not always control my feelings, too.

To conclude, be kind to people, but do not let anyone interfere with your life. Make friends with the ones who respect you and your beliefs, but never rely on them more than the sensible amount. Love but do not expect.  

Words from an experienced heart.. I am glad to see your comment here Zahra. Maybe we are not close friends here but I know you as a great blogger and old member..

I know how it feels to be disappointed, and I started to learn to always expect less from others. Yet I can't keep this in mind always that's result in new wounds. I think this is life.

Thanks for the precious advice. 

I don't want to get hurt over and over again , so I will try to keep your advice in mind every time I meet new friends. It's just old habits are hard to die, I will do my best though.

Thanks a lot :)

Exactly Deepa, the problem is that we meet people with different perceptions of online friendship. So when we take it seriously and they don't we get hurt :S 

Thanks for the perceptive comment :)

you are Right Deepa  but Many time we get real Friend 

thnx for the topic , u right and i am according u.

Thanks Hamza for your comment.. I am glad to see you here :)

Assalmualikum Rabab

Happy to see you after long time 

Nice topic you have chosen.

Nowadays everybody busy with their daily schedule , They want to come online and spare few movement with their online friends but they do not get chance like Thoug ,mitran

When we begin friendship hear slowly slowly our heart  attached with many good friend but they do not know and suddenly they left and we do not know reason.

Therefore here friendship time being or Target oriented as soon as people achieved there target they left or they do not have time to come here and share there experience.

Like me Whenever I attached with good friend I have taken there contact no or skype ID or Email ID 

Now I have many good Friends but not have time.  

Walikum Alsalam U Shaikh . Thanks a lot am glad am back :)

I do agree with you. Life gets so busy it prevent us from keeping in touch with our friends. But some people put more effort than others in this matter, so if u really care u will find a way.

Take care my friend and keep in touch :)

Why not? I feel equally attached to my online friends here as I feel in my real life. I didn't believe in online friendship BEFORE I joined MyEC. However, after joining MyEC, I do believe. Fortunately enough, I've come across very genuine friends here. Not a single one of my close friends here disappointed me. Even though, Notears deleted her account, but I still think that I was lucky that once in my life I got a friend like her. And I believe that she left EC because of some genuine reasons. Sometimes, it makes me feel sad the we would never ever be in touch again, but at other times I cherish the moments we spent together. Few others, who didn't delete their accounts, are now less in touch with me. However, I don't consider it different from what we come across in our real lives. Sometimes, our real life friends leave the city or even country and do not remain in touch. Sometimes, our friends live in same city but still don't remain in touch.

However, I strongly disapprove of any kind of the online relationship that is beyond friendship. As long as it's just friendship, I believe in it.

Thanks for the nice topic, Dear Rabab. :)


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