How do you feel about homework? Do you think teachers should give homework every night? Should elementary school children have homework? In some countries, parents are trying to ban homework. Many parents think children should have the freedom to explore, discover, and read for pleasure after school. Some teachers agree. Other people think reviewing lessons after school is an important stage of learning and preparing kids for the workforce. 

What do you think? We received this question via twitter today! 

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I think homework is important in child's education. Actually, assignments have many purposes. One of this ,is it helps the student to build a great study habit pattern. It also serves as way of reviewing of past lessons that had been tackled. However, in giving the assignment teacher must consider the right day of giving it. According to study, students should not be given any form of assignments during weekends because these days must be solely for family and enjoying the rest days from school.

I hope I was able to help. Thank you guys :D

Teacher must give home work alternative dates.... this is must one...

Home work should not be given except for improving the handwriting and for independent performance which could be done alone. 

I'm a student. And homework is one of my main problems. All troubles are from homework. I don't sleep enough, I don't read interesting books. I do my homework! It's not very bad, but it's too big. And sometimes I think, if we spent ALL our day at school but didn't have any home tasks, we would be happier, than now. At least, I would.
Anyway, we should have less homework...

Well I think it's a matter of planning and homework is essential for future planning especially when you have goals to achieve.the only recommendation will not be to ban homework but to follow a schedule that doesn't clog the student with so much work at home.more practical parent to child homework should be applied
yes homework should be


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