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How do you feel about homework? Do you think teachers should give homework every night? Should elementary school children have homework? In some countries, parents are trying to ban homework. Many parents think children should have the freedom to explore, discover, and read for pleasure after school. Some teachers agree. Other people think reviewing lessons after school is an important stage of learning and preparing kids for the workforce. 

What do you think? We received this question via twitter today! 

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Kids should be given assignments  but not every night . They should  have space for their Lessie activities .  Too much of work will indeed make them dull and not allow them to explore and be stress fee as  they  ought to be .....

I think to do homework is good because if I don't do any homework, I won't even open my books. Thus, it's good to have it, but in a balanced quantity I guess. I remember when I was in elementary school or high school, I had so many homework that I couldn't finish them at all and therefore, I was constantly under so many stress that I couldn't enjoy my time at all. That is why I don't like elementary or high schools at all. I got also punished for not finishing them, which affected me mentally too, because I was a good student. The homework was too much that I couldn't finish them. Anyway, I think schools should be in a way that they teach us important things, things that we need for real life like how to be organized or to sum up, how to be consciousnesses. In addition to that, they should attract students to "learning" and "gaining" knowledge not to hating it. Thus, balance is a key. Doing too much homework or not doing it at all is not good.

Most people may take it for granted that school children should have homework. More and more people here in China have recognized that the children are being given too much homework, but,  do the children have a choice?

I think that homework assignments are need for getting knowledge and remember things, but as many people here had said, it must be a balance. However I don´t recommend to let students without homework...

Yeah teacher should give homework, becouse there are some children that they don't want to study at home, doing homework will make them to study abite.

I think reviwing lessons after school is necessary , and the homework is important but not everyday ..

I like to give my students a kind of homework which shows their creativity and reflects their own thoughts :

Paragraphs ,words in sentences , pick the moral lessons from stories ...etc.

That means they have to write their own words not only copying the answers from the lessons .I think this kind of homework is more helpful in the learning process . Other activities should be done at school with the help of the teacher .

Thank you !


I think homework should be there as it is an important part of teaching learning process. But i also agree that  these days stuidents are overburden from the amount of home work they normally get form there respective subject teachers. Giving homework in not a bad thing unless or until the nature of home work is clear and familiar to both teacher and students. So it should be given in such a way that they just enjoy it rather then considering it as a burden.................


studying at school or taking lessons is not everything on children's life.
Kids not only learn the lessons, but more than that, they learn how to liive in their social, in their home, how to be a good one

I think that Homework is very necessary for student to practice and one more do home work it show that how many percentages that they learn from the lesson.

reviewing lessons every night are VERYVERYVERYVERY IMPORTANT, maybe you could find some fun excercises for their homeworks, like puzzles, mazes, etc that will help them remember their lessons in a fun way, also, don't give them too many homeworks, just give enough for them to review. That is my opinion as a student ;)

Yes, they should....

I'm a student now (hihihi...just student on EC). But when I see some new words or new lessons. I try my best to practice  them. It's a good way for remembering.

Homework is  the best way to create ability to revise lesson  daily .If Teacher Dose not give homework kids like that teacher but they do not give time to study except few kids. As per my opinion homework is must in initial level but give less homework not too much.  

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