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Giving a birth is without doubt one of the hardest and the most beautiful moments of our life.. The thing is that a baby has two parents not just mom - who goes through pregnancy and had to suffer while giving a birth... there is also DAD responsible for "creating" new life...

Do you think dad should be in delivery room to support his wife, partner meanwhile she is going through the hell?

I personally find it very important and apart from these who are scared of blood or seeing their wife in pain.. I would recommand this experience to every man and I am thankful to our hospitals which allow it and let both parents enjoy this very emotional and nice moment together...

P.S. Let me add that it is decent thing not like some of you would imagine dad at the place of place is ofc somewhere else :D

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Should a dad be in the delivery room?

I find myself unable to comment on this because of some cultural bondage. (But now it is going on in our societies).

BUT! I can and should comment that dad must have to be present in the hospital, and he should be the first one (closest) to witness the baby along with his wife.  This is must, psychologically and emotionally. It has a very positive and long lasting impact on the relationship: baby+mom+dad.

I have a personal experience of doing vice verse.  Please remember that if you do not be there with your wife and baby, in the first ever meeting, you will suffer from an 'unexplainable' emotional distance.

When my daughter was born I was there with my wife and the baby girl.  You know what is the impact, I feel my daughter is closer to me. 

Hello Mishaikn,

While I disagree that men will "suffer from an 'unexplainable' emotional distance" if they are no present at their child's birth, I do believe that men can grow emotionally by being at the birth.

Though I haven't encountered this, I would like to suggest that the husband should be there too to hold her hand and to make her feel that everything is going to be okay. The bond is not confined to pleasurable moments but to some painful instances as well. I could remember when my mother delivered our youngest sibling, it was a trauma for me that up to now I don't want to go back to any emergency room and any delivery ward. The smell and the ambiance are haunted for me, don't know why. 

I would to like include that in my country, the mother usually scolded, yelled at, and acted like a real badass to their husband when they are in the process of delivery. I read that the pain they feel for that magnificent moment exceeded to what normal person could bear, normally 45 del (unit) of pain is the maximum scale, but when giving birth it exceeds up to 57 del (unit) of pain, similar to 20 bones getting fractured at the time.

So, I guess being "present" doesn't hurt that much, right? :D

well! Frstly I wanted my husband to be with me and we were planning that together and so on . In this city there is just one hospital that allows the dad to be pesent at the ime of giving birth. However I didn't manage to get into that hosp as it was under reconstruction.

when the time came and i was at the hosp giving birth.... well I had such moments when I thanked God my husband wasnt there. I think he would collapse there or be panicing even mre than I did. So far I don't really have a ny strict view on this I think it depends on the man!

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