Do you like reading books?

For what purpose do you read books?

what kind of books you prefer?

Is it useful or not? how?

Reading interest depends upon age?

Reading is my hobby.But I don't have enough time to read.During travel time I enjoy reading.I read novels for entertainment.I think reading increase our span of attention and improves our curiosity.

What about you?? 

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Hi Kala!

Yes, I like to read the books

For interest. I mean to learn something INTERESTING. I don't like to read educational books:(

I prefer interesting books! For example detectives, novels, horrors and just if it is interesting to read, you know...

Ofcourse it is useful! I can't even express all the advantages of reading the books! At least it is upgrading our brain!

I think yes, little bit it depends upon the age! But I think not so much.

You have a great hobby!

Thank you for sharing!

@ Roman.....

not like educational books??? hahahahaha......

Me too like to read horror stories at night time.Some times read novels of family subject.Reading depends upon age?? I dont think so.Anyway thanks for your valuable comment 

Yes, it depends... Not so much but depends... I don't know how to explain... For example I have one book, that I read when I was maybe 7 years old. But now I don't even want to look at it... That book is too childish, or I don't know how to desctibe it, you know...

I understand it.....sometimes we feel like that.Our knowledge and experience grew older and those books once upon a time we read becomes a boring one.Our mind needs change in reading concepts.A child shows interest in reading animal stories while adults like love stories. After several years the same person like to read books related to God.It is quite natural.

I used to read youth literature for killing my time but now I don't have much time to read.

I still trying to read in my day off, It's good for calm my self and help creating my imagination about things and think more positively as It was always written about happiness in our everyday life or how worth simple things could be.

I think age partly made us interest in different kind of books as well as other factors.

@ Pint...

Happy to hear about your reading interest.In our machinery life everyone has no time to read.Frankly speaking now a days reading habit is gradually disappear from our mind.Thanks for your valuable comment.

I like big books and I cannot lie.

Big books????? What is it?
Thanks for your comment

 Happy explaining.

you evil :((

That's why I need you around! Nobody gets my (awesome) jokes :((
Joking in EC is like:


AHAHAHAHAH :DDDDDD MARY! Why I didn't see this animation before????? What happened with her? Why her reaction is so sloooooooooooooooow?

And I am getting all (or almost all) your jokes!!

Mary. Only 18++ know what kind of book you meant. Lol.


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