Do you know prophet Mohamed...?

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Essalemo alaikom.

do you know why peace be upon him?

Because he is the prophet of peace!!!!!!!!!


peace be upon Mohamed because is Gift of grace and mercy rendered.


Prophet Mohamed Peace be upon him is the last messenger of Allah to worship Allah and to follow the right religion ( Islam ) , to believe that there is no god but Allah .



Prophet Mohammed S.A.W.W. was the last prophet amongst 313 Rashul S.A.W.W.  He was the last amongst 1,24,000 Paygamber.  He was the Ulool Azma Rasul S.A.W.W.  He was the First amongst 14 Masoomeen A.S. He brought Quran Sharif through the Vahi-e-Khuda and the Shariah was reached through him. Lakhs of things can be told for him (S.A.W.W.). 

Very documented..thank you.

It would be great if muslim members in here , unite to make a fantastic blog by the topic of Islam and Truth .
Islam has been attacked by the dirtiest lies about everything ! It's our duty to dawn the truth atleast on the members of here .

Good let's start...

There is no replyment option in Blogs...just comments..we have to make our topic in the Forum

where people can respond to each other.

What do you mean by dirtiest lies, Your death? Who have been lying so far, actually? The riots, the tortures and murders of the minorities people from other religions, the burning cars, the death threat for those who criticize it. Nevertheless, the muslims claim that Islam is a religion of peace. How can people believe it??


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