My wife looks at my mobile phone curiously. Whenever I come back from work and go to the children's room, or the toilet or do anything, she just holds it and begins to see the messages and the pictures. At first, I did not pay attention to it, but lately, I began to feel uneasy about it. I trust my wife and she trusts me, but I feel that observing my mobile phone when I am not around is like invading my privacy. Of course, she has the right to check or fetch it if she feels anything unfamiliar or suspicious about my behavior. The question is, do you feel comfortable if someone looks, checks or spies on your cell phone?     


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Gamza hamnida Inha! My son Mohammed likes to take my cell phone and holds it for a long time. It annoys me. I guess if he discovers anything new, he might tell his mother about it. When my wife does that I feel uncomfortable. As I said, I trust my wife and she is likewise. Inha, I want to have a space of privacy for myself. Thanks Inha for your nice comment.

Personally it makes me feel good BcoZ might she loves me alot and dont want to loose me in anyway but I have never understood the need for keeping a phone private. I only keep a passcode on it in case it gets stolen but everyone in my life knows this code I have people in my life who feel the same as I do and I have people in my life who feel the opposite Both is okay it is an individual choice If both of them are comfortable then there is no harm in checking for partner’s cell phone for fun stuff But if one person wants to check others cell phone regularly for suspicion then it is not a good sign for their relationship...

dear lana,

how are you? I thought that you were Russian, that is why I addressed you in Russian. sorry about it 


Vah tak hain, Azharudeen sahib! That what I call logic. I really like the way you deal with that matter. We have to be strict in our social behavior and flexible in some of its aspects. There always should be respect and trust between husband and wife. We must not spy on each other. Our religion does not allow that. By the way, could I be one of your friends? I hope that you accept. Thanks, Azhardueen for your nice intervention regarding that discussion about Privacy.

Well at my place everyone is busy in their own works so no one has enough time to check other's phone.

Theek theek Rajvir! That is exactly what we should do. To be busy with our own problems and telephones. Interfering in other people's business is not good. Thanks Rajvir for your frank and short comment on Privacy.

Dear Teacher Dara,

I agree with Azhar that the close ones who want to know our mobile do likely care or even love us. However, I don't really like it, since it is not important to do. I don't set any password anyway.

Yeah, it would be dangerous if a stranger found my phone without password, abuse can happen. Thanks for your nice discussion. :)

Estanis membuat kata sandi ini, mod. Onee. It was Mr. Estanis who created the idea of the password. Some members agreed to that and others didn't. However, it is safer somehow. I just wanted to add that being nosy is not amicable. Thanks, mod. Onee for this useful addition to that discussion, Privacy.

... When a woman’s suspicion arises there are often some legal reasons behind. He he he, Mr Dara, the question is why she started doing that and why you all of a sudden started to feel uncomfortable about it :))

There is nothing much to say about this matter, other than crossing the boundaries of disturbing others privacy, it can be any kind of privacy - Is completely and utterly unacceptable.

The Holy Grail should always be The Holy Grail as said.

Every person have some need for privacy, some time alone and need some space, it may be in any kind of relationship, and that the other part has to respect.

Being curious about and spying/sneaking in other person things, then the basis of a healthy relationship is already shaken, because when such things happens trust is no longer there.

Coming back to husband/wife, I can not understand why in such a relationship there need to be codes on phones/PC’s etc, because if that is the case then of course it will make the other part suspicious.

When all comes to all it is a matter of mutual respect and trust.

Dear Evangelina, thanks for the complete and nice comment. You know what? It was Mr. Estanis who got us into this code or password problem. In your comment, I noticed something. It is true that there is no smoke without a fire. We always keep something for ourselves. It is not a big deal, but that gap of privacy should always be there. Thanks, Eva. for your nice and analytic comment.

It just depends on the people Dara......some are more private than my husband wanted to check out my phone I am totally okay with that......for there is nothing there I would care for him only gripe would be if he changed anything on it and I didn't know or understand it....then I might be aggravated.........otherwise......he has free rein to my phone.


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