I just wrote a discussion topic and chose the preview screen to check it before posting. I closed the preview and reopened my tab where I had written the discussion. It was completely empty.

I completely rewrote the discussion and previewed it again to check for mistakes (the pale yellow background and very small light grey font in the entry window is terrible for those who need glasses). I saw something I wanted to change when the nice black on white preview appeared in a new tab.

This time I decided to be smart and not close the preview tab in case I needed to copy the text if a problem arose. To my chagrin the add discussion tab was empty again and so was the preview when I returned. I am writing from an iPad with latest iOS version. I wonder why preview deletes the text in the original add discussion page and why leaving the preview pane reverts that tab to a blank text entry screen on iOS devices.

I just tested this on my old MacBook and it works fine. It also has a Decent Text Entry background color and font. We have iOS issues to resolve and the same low contrast screen is the default on any comment or post. Even if we don't solve the disappearing text I hope we can dump the poor text entry/editing screen. Anything besides white on light pink would be an improvement. If I can read what I typed I can live without the preview function.

Ironically, this discussion was in general discussions, about "How to Get Help" and reminding members to use the Technical HELP discussion category. I also had satisfaction questions to see what users felt if they had used technical help. After that I ended up losing it twice and posting a new actual help request.

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Maybe I should have said the only thing worse than what we have would be white on light pink. Maybe that was an exaggeration, but the box I'm typing text into right now is very difficult to read. The font itself is thin and narrow so that it wouldn't be great if the colors were improved. The font color seems to be light grey and the background is a pale yellow.

Another thing with this iOS version is there is no toolbar to let you use Bold, italics, underline or any of the other options we have on computer. I think Ning should be able to provide this for our users and let admin customize colors. This just doesn't work well with the small size, and poor visibility. I'm trying to switch to iPad instead of the computer, but there are still some bugs with the interface.

Hi again,

We didn't get a very helpful response, unfortunately. Hopefully they will take your feedback and work on the bug.

"I would suggest that your member try using one of the currently supported mobile devices listed here: 

As mentioned in that article, you an your members are welcome to use a mobile device that is not in this list, however some functionality and features may not work correctly."

Thanks for your patience,


Thanks for your detailed message. I am going to pass it on to the right people. I'm sure they will appreciate your feedback. I'll let you know if I hear anything back! Cheers, Tara.

Hi Bob,
I have also the same problem with my iPad, furthermore, I can't upload photos with it.
Sorry to hear that Estanis. I hope we are both able to have full functionality soon. It would even be ok with me if I could run the mobile version on the iPad. This just looks like the desktop version with a few problems.
So they only program the site to run on iPod touch and iPhone. I thought iPads were much more common than iPod touch.
It doesn't look like the mobile version on the iPad. It looks almost like the desktop except the color of the input screen. Unlike the iPhone with mobile version there seems to be no way to switch between mobile version and desktop view. Maybe Ning doesn't have much incentive to keep expanding the base of user devices since their users are pretty locked in with them and the market for social media apps is pretty saturated.
I hope they at least look into the issue. I am limited to using the iPad many times and it would be great if it would work well for commenting and publishing. Thanks for the follow-up Tara. :)

I absolutely agree with you. It seems odd to me that iPad wouldn't be fully supported. 


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