Hello everyone,

Another members discussion inspired me to post this discussion. It is great sometimes to be inspired from each other.

In ancient times a large part of the quotes/saying served a moralizing, didactically and educational purpose. Today many of the quotes/sayings carry along with them the breeze from ancient times and conveys the same messages.

"They are part of the language usage, and some language users, use them completely unconsciously as an integrated part of their language."

What function does the quotes/sayings actually have in the modern language usage? I believe they mostly serve a thoughtful and inspiring purpose. When we are in shortage of thoughts, when we are in shortage of words, they can inspire, help and comfort. Sometimes help us to look differently upon a situation.

I don't believe quotes/sayings are meant to change people, if that was so easily done, most of us would suffer from identity crisis.

One of my most favorite saying is this one, I also have it on my page;

Why? Because it is such a positive life confirming saying. It gives courage to not give up so easily upon things/persons that/whom matters to us. Because it teaches us to be determined, look through whatever may be the obstacles and try.

The tasks for the discussion are;

1/ Please share your most favorite quote/saying.

2/ Please try and explain why this is your favorite quote/saying.

3/ How do you interpret it.

4/ What does it mean to you personally.

Everyone without any exception is welcome to participate in the discussion. Hope to read many of your great thoughts here. Thank you.

Have fun and enjoy.

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This is mine & it really touches my heart.

"When you were born, you were crying and everyone around you was smiling. Live your life so that when you die, you're the one who is smiling and everyone around you is crying."

A friend in need is a friend indeed. You are a friend indeed, Evangelina, aren't you? Thanks for your nice discussion.

 Evangelina   , when I was at college  studying  English  literature  our professor  insisted on filling our exams papers with quotes  from the texts  we are studying  . For him this means that the student have  done an effort  in reading  the  play , poem , novel or any other forms of writings  . Citing words of the characters  , writer   or the poet  , helps alot in clarifying  the ideas and the thoughts  that the piece  of writing  wants to convey 

       Actually   , I like reading  quotes  most of the time  . So , I can't decide  which one is more better  coz they are all equal  in my eyes  . This saying by Enstine  show what is wrong in some educational  system  , which  , is the lack of thinking students  only memories  information  without  an ability  to critize  them  , evaluate   them , develop them   or produce a totally  new form of thoughts 

"If you fall, I'll be there" (the floor)

Ermmm...as you can see I'm not so fond of sayings :)

...but I don't wanna let you down soooo here is another one that I try to bear everyday in mind:

I haven't the favorite saying. And i am not so fond of sayings too... And i am not so fond in reading :). Before i will write the saying i should write one short story. I don't know when, where and why i have read this story, but i just like it:

One young castaway man was wandering around the world with strong opinion that he is nobody and all that he can do it is nothing... He stopped in some kind of little town or something like this.

And once he met the old jeweler. The jewler asked "Why are you laying here on the ground and just complaining about your helplessness?" The man answered "I was trying to find the job but nobody wants to hire me. I was trying to find the love but nobody even likes me. So i don't know what to do..."

The jeweler gave the gold ring with diamond to this man and said "Go to the near market and try to sell it for 100 local money. And DON'T SELL IT even for 100!" The man took this ring and went to the market. He spent whole day for trying to sell it for 100 local money. But everyone who he asked answered "are you trying to fool me or you are so stupid? The real cost of it 10 local money, maximum 15!" Angry man returned to the jeweler and complained "You stupid old man, 100! This s-_-t cost maximum 15, nobody want's to buy it!!!"

Then jeweler with calm face said "Now go to the near city and find the jewelry shop. And ask the owner of this shop the real cost of this ring, but DON'T SELL IT IN ANY CASE!" The jeweler explained how to find that shop and the man reluctantly went to find it.

Exhausted and tired the man finally came to that shop. He asked the owner about cost of this ring and lost the opportunity to speak because of answer which he just heard "I have never seen such great ring with such amaizing diamond! I can give you 200 for it!!!" The man hardly escaped from this jewelry shop without selling the ring and returned to the jeweler which gave him that ring. He gave the ring back, said only "Thank you!" and proudly left with good life lesson: 

Don't give up if nobody needs you or your talent, maybe they are just  to blind to see how great you are! Just find someone who will appreciate you!

Something like this.

I interpret it like this: We should not give up, even if we feel upset or apathy. We should try more and more. And once someone will definitelly say "Wow, you are great!"

I don't know what does it mean for me personally. I just like this saying:)

My dear Eva,

I most following words are “Kindness is a language, which the deaf can hear and the blind can see” (Mark Twain).

Those words have helped me many times to win so many hearts.

Many thanks for giving the opportunity.

And every day my wall decorating this poster.When I feel some bad or negative moments it reminds me, what is the realism.So I love this quote very much.

For me I like "It is what It is" by  BUDDHADASA BHIKKHU. I saw this quote on someone locker at my old office. It was written in my local language and This is the closest English quote I come up with.

I like this because this had helped me several times when I was frustrated by people back then in my first 2 years as worker.

In my understanding It's mean world always be what it had been being, Things happen by reason, Not just for reason.

It is like a friend of mine who always came and place her hand on my shoulder and say "let it go"

Dear Kal, what does it mean "To win so many hearts"?

When death will come I will die, but I will not vanish because I am a drop, I will become the part of the ocean.

Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi.

Scholar is saying the death does not vanish us, it is a process of making us a part of a big part of HUGE NATURE. So it gives the honor of becoming great.

I like this quote because it transpires the LOVE OF A CREATION TO THE CREATOR.

Thanks Eva.

"What doesn't kill you makes you wish it did" :D 

I like it coz It's so true...


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