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It is not new for virtual world. And so it is happening on EC as well. As I reported before a few members and I guess others did as well. There are some sick people in this community constantly harassing female chatters and members in different ways. They will even tell with all their psycho confidence  "I am keeping an eye on you" claim to almost every female chatter that they have multiple ids, talk about some strange hallucinations they have about their families and other ways of harassment. Some even have female ids. 

I have seen RJ/Shadow/William/AG/yazid/BettingRaj/RosyIndian/tony trying to pretend normal. And when they touch their edges they start ranting in main room or rant on discussions and blogs about female chatters. They follow them online like keep record of online schedules. Even one crazy was talking about a member's house and where she lives so he might be stalking her not only online but probably in real as well. 

We all have to learn handle them. Reporting I feel is not a permanent way cause in a day or two they come back with a new id and start harassing and stalking again. I guess it is best to set them on ignore for chat and if they rant on blogs and discussions reporting is another option. 

Have you encountered any crazy here? add to the list in discussion..

[if you are thinking to add my name ah I don't stalk or harass people but yeah I might talk like crazy sometimes]

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I really thank you so much for writing about this topic here :D 

I already wanted to write about you, but fortunately you did write about yourself and saved  my time.. 

Here is my message which I want everybody to read about you here... I wonder if you will have enough courage to publish it on your this blog... 

Consider it a warning form my side to your manner in the EC here, Muskan,. 

You have all the right to be obsessed with your own character, cycle, and life.. But you need to know that you do not have any right to come closer by me or by any one of my cycles here with your obsessions and to make them have hard feelings because of you..

If you think it's funny to scare peaceful people about your obsessions.. I will make you hear it and understand it very well.. 

It's never funny with this obsession... you just do not need to pretend peaceful when you come to my cycle and start digging and trying to link your stories and obsessions with my peaceful communications here.. 

So, I will make it clearer now... Stop your obsessions and your scaring peaceful people here.. and stay away from me and from my friends.. 

it's really not nice and not funny at all.. 

Something else... do not think yourself so smart when you are trying to link my name with some bad people here, because everybody here knows who I am and what is my way here.. 

it's not even a smart idea.. So, play it again, but try to be smarter in the next time... 

further examples to help supporting your idea..

Very happy to help :) 

Muskan said:

A live example...

Dear Muskan, AS far I know about AG, he is a good person and you are 100% right about the other persons who name you mentioned.

 I think every female members  knows perfectly  well how to avoid harassment  . There is an ignore  button . And she can report the member . U have no right to speak about AG  he is a good guy I have knew him or any other male members  . Don't judge people  here . They are grown ups  and they know how to handle  their personal lives online .

I consider this discussion as a kind of harassment  against the male members  . Plz dear leave people alone they are free to do or not to do things . We aren't  on heaven  dear 

AG in one group with Yazidik? Whaaaat? :D I have to disagree... stalker??? Come on, it must be a joke, nah?
I want to say that it is really not even silly but stupid what you are trying to do here when you bring my name with other bad people and make a statement against me then you become coward and refuse to admit my everybody's witness about me here... Moreover, it is really stupid that you are trying to ride my name to make a personal glory for yourself here
Once again, I am really happy that you published the conversation here..
It was you who was checking with my freinds and scare them in order to link between the other Australian account (which it was meant to be a joke) and your obsession about someone else from Australia (which I totally have no idea about her)... And this is what my conversation with you in the main chat was based on.. everyone will check my conversation with you in the main chat room will find a similar statement that I said in my reply to you.. everyone can compare my words and see...
If you want to play smart and ignore your accusing statement and attack on me in your this blog... I just want to notify you that it is really stupid to ride my personal name to build a personal glory here...
If you have inner honesty to speak generally, then be straightforward and never bring my name or hint on it in your discussions trying to deform my reputation here...
I will report you on using my name for hinting on my reputation here, if you do not remove it.

You must be mistaken Muskan about AG.  He is a nice guy as I have found him.  I am shocked to see his name on your list.  

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