It is about the house of old people. In our society, we take our old mother or father there. We are able to support them but still, we take them there to spend the rest of their life. They did their best to raise us and to bring us to the society. When they become old we take them to those places. It is a curious way to repay them. Of course, exceptional cases are there.

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Lekin kiya karega, White Knight? Main Mishaikh ke sat itifaq karega lekin hum log acha nahi hain. They say that Paradise is under the feet of mothers. Have you heard about that Hadith? Whatever we do we cannot repay them. Some of us take care of their father or mother but at the same time, he or she will expect that moment of salvation or escape. When they raised us they were not expecting anything but our being grown up and strong. There is a difference here. Thanks, White Knight for your kind comment.

Parents are the most important people in our Lives , We will never be able to repay our parents of what they have done for us , not even 1 percent , Cruel are those who send their parents to such places and abandon them.

'' We Have enjoined man concerning his parents - his mother carries him in her womb while suffering weakness upon weakness and then weans him for two years - that's why We commanded him '' Give thanks to Me and to your parents , and keep in mind that , to Me is your final Goal. '' ''

( Quran 31:14 ) 

Bahut shukriya White Knight! Aap deko Md Abbace's comment. God connected his (tagwa) with the being kind to your parents. It is a great shame to let my mother or father go to that house. I am in a good health and financially, I could support them. Believe me, it is just a big shame. You have also mentioned the weakness in her body while our mother carries us in her womb. Thanks White Knight for your meaningful comment.

It's still unacceptable for me to see some men or women sending their parents to an old age house.
It's really like sending our own children to orphanage while we are still alive. How could they do it?
Remember, someday we will be old too and I do hope I won't waste the rest of my life in an old age house.
I believe, deep inside our heart, there is a special love for our parents so please don't let them down.

Terima kasih banyak, Andy. Mereka megatakan, apa yang anda tanam, apa yang anda dapatkan. It is a saying, (what you plant, is what you harvest). If we do good to our parents, our children will do likewise to us. I agree with you, Andy, it is unacceptable to send your old man or your old mother to that house. I am glad that you love your parents. Thanks Andy for your nice comment.   

Till now, my community is not following whatever has mentioned on your blog but I have met with old age home people and got to know about them and the life the old age home.

When I was in school, I worked for Helpage India, this is the home for old age people as you have called this term on your blog is the house of old people. It was a good experience. I came to know the situation of this age group and their problems. The most of them were not poor or belong to the poor section of the society. They were enough rich to buy anything. 

The common problem which faced by all the old people was that their family members did not have the time for them, even some old people said their family members did not talk to them, other said they lived in the corner of the house and nobody bothered to see them in the whole day. 

Merely proving food and basic things is not enough. The family should spend quality of time with the old members of the family... they should talk to them... laugh with them ....... share feeling with each other....... but busy lifestyle and generation gap are creating distance between them and anyway everyone has their own way of thinking, this is the only reason of less interaction between them. 

Old age home is like the second home for them where they are free to do anything :D .... I found them  behaving like kids .... they were funny and free from all the tensions. 

Old age home is not bad because they are living with the same age group who are like them. The family may or may not have time for them but their new friends always ready to talk and listen to them. 

I also wanna live in old age home in my olden days. 

I agree with you. If I don't have kids I would rather live in the house of old people.

I plan on visiting and taking care of mine at their own house regularly in near future too but not in the same house because Jobs made everyone being apart from each other until they getting very old age that I would consider on how to be able to live together or living close to them. It's will be easier if old people allow themselves to move out of their own house and live with their child who need to go to work and grandchildren need to go to good school for the sake of their future in high competition society.

Yes, Pint .... you are right ... Actually, you have written the reality of life. 

Doosri dafa, danyavaad Rahul. The young lady wrote a good comment about that discussion. I really liked it. It is better to be realistic. Thanks Rahul for your nice comment.

Suasdee Pint la khubkhon! It is possible to stay in that house if your kids do not support you. For my parents, I make many exceptions for them. It is true that I am busy with my work, the kids with their schools and other future plans. despite that, I must do something about them. Thank you Pint for your nice comment on that discussion. 

Main nahi samaj mei ara, Rahul. Aap bola, time nahi hain. Ke sei? My father used to work day and night to support me, mother and my brothers and sisters. He had all the time for us. As the matter of fact, he spent all his life working and getting money for us. When you say, there is no time for them I feel uneasy. I am glad about your experience at that house, but if we take the equation like this, two plus three equals five. the parents spent their days trying to provide the good life for us, at the time of their old age we abandon them! At least, let's pay them back. It is better if you live with your sons and daughters. Thanks for writing to us about your experience. 

I meant to say, members of the family do not spend quality of time with the old members of the house..... see here is the reason, parents spend time with their kids, despite, their busy schedule keeps them happens because they are earning for their kids .....  they love their kids more than their parents, it is natural ... we can't deny it ....... that is why they do not spend time with their parents ..... and about kids ... they are busy with their life and studies.... and nobody has time for their elders. 


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