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I want to practice English with different friends. But I have no topic to talk about. How to practice it?

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Dear Friend 

If we search we will find lots of topics 

Gifts, shopping, relationships, special occasions, Christmas presents
Emotions, feelings, expression, national characteristics
US elections, American foreign policy, politics, presidents
Hurricane Sandy, modern lifestyles, technology, conversation  
Coma patients, medical science, consciousness, brain damage
Cosmetic surgery, beauty, appearance, honesty, 
The afterlife, the eternal soul, higher consciousness, Heaven, God
Platonic relationships, friends, romance, sexual attraction, feelings
Cosmetics, beauty, masculinity, vanity, success, appearances
Parenting, kids, safety, growing up, gaining independence, childhood
War, war crimes, The War on Terror, Bush, Blair, morality, leaders
3D printing, printable guns, firearms, freedom from oppression
Psy, K-pop, Gangnam Style, subversive lyrics, hidden meaning
Gun ownership, gun violence, gun control, shootings, crime, safety
Child development, kids, games, toys, childhood, consumerism
Weddings, marriage, money, expenses 
Global warming, climate change, the environment, the weather
Psychopaths, psychotic behaviour
Kids, lifestyle, nature, the great outdoors, health, childhood  
Life, death, happiness, dreams, achievements, regrets, memories
Survival, self-preservation, self-sacrifice, life or death, emergencies
Cell phones, conversation, socializing, will power, temptation

Wow, it's so many. Thanks for your reply.

Hi Liss.

I find that when a student is ready for their first "discussion", that is face to face using words from their head then, weather is an easy subject.

Normally I provide a list of subject mater that can be considered about 2 weeks before the discussion.

For example "Weather" can include comparing your local / national ( I live in Thailand ) with my own ( I come from UK originally ).   Family stories / tales about how to tell what the weather is going to be like e.g. what are the ants, or cows or birds doing; what is the wind, temperature doing ?    You can then go on to discuss how the weather affects farmers, local business, transport, prices and supply of goods.   Vocabulary can be as simple or as difficult as your ability.   It is really surprising just "How much you know, and how long you can discus" this subject.

Give it a go sometime.

Good luck.


Please just think about your interests.


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