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Hi, everyone! I want to ask about a word "necessary".
Do you use "necessary" as a verb?
I heard one American professor saying like following;
    "We don't necessary ---"
I can't find other words pronounced like "necessary" in my dictionary.
Can anybody teach me?

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"Necessary"  isn't a verb, it's an adjective and it's used also as noun. If you use it as an adverb then it's "necessarily".
The meaning: it is required to be done, it's essential, compelling (adjective)
                       absolutely, implicitly (adverb)                 
                       the basic requirements of something, as food and water
                       for life. (noun)

Example if we use it as adjective:
"It's necessary to have a teacher and students for a class."
"If you want to bake a cake, it's necessary to have an oven."
"It's necessary to drink and to eat if you don't want to die."
"If necessary, we can always change the dates of our trip."
Example if we use it as adverb:
"The prognosis can necessarily be only a guess if you don't know so exactly    the details of the matter of facts."
Example if you need it as noun:
"The basic necessaries for life are food and water, light and warmth."

P.S.: I am not a teacher but I hope I was able to explain you the meaning of

Hi, Rose!
Thank you for reply.
But I really heard something like the above.
Can you show me examples like below?
    1. "We don't necessary ---"
    2. "We don't necessarily ---"


to 1.:  I don't think there is any cases for using without to use another verb. Maybe can valicate that one of the native English speakers here.
I only can offer your following sentence:

"They have also made mistakes in their lives, but we don't necessary want to repeat them."

to 2.: "You don't necessarily want the same light at the breakfast table as you
          have in the sitting room in the evenings."
         "You don't necessarily need to look at someone in order to
         "You don't necessarily need to know how the heating functions in detail."

Nice discussion. Thanks dear Rose ma'am for your nice explanation. It is very useful.

Hi, Rose. Thank you!
Where did you find this sentence?
    "They have also made mistakes in their lives, but we don't necessary want to repeat them."

I have found that at on an internet site, I don't remember which one... I am sorry, it was already long time ago. When you asked me to give you an example, I was looking in my own documents whether I can find it. I don't know if it has the claim to be correct ... I'm not a native.

I find it very pity that no one of the natives here was willing to help you with a well-founded answer.


Hi, Rose. Thank you!
Where did you find this sentence?
    "They have also made mistakes in their lives, but we don't necessary want to repeat them."

Hi, Rose
It's OK.
Maybe my question is ridiculous.
I'm goint to search more about that word.
Thank you, Rose!

A question never will be ridiculous. We have a German saying: " There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers."


Hi, Rose
It's OK.
Maybe my question is ridiculous.
I'm goint to search more about that word.
Thank you, Rose!

It's an adjective. I'm sure s/he said, "necessarily". Cool nick, by the way.

As far as I know, it's an adjective so the sentence should be "We aren't necessary."

Hi Mustang,

"necessary" is an an Adjective. It describes something that MUST exist in order for the sentence to be true. 

Oxygen is necessary for human life as we know it.

"necessity" is a Noun and refers to another noun -- usually the subject in a sentence.

Oxygen is a necessity for human life as we know it.

"necessarily" is an Adverb, but not necessarily easy to explain. It is used in negative sentences usually with not (don't, isn't or weren't) and actually means something like "always", You may not have heard the whole sentence: "We don't necessary ---" It would probably have been something like: "We don't necessarily all die from smoking cigarettes, but they reduce our efficient use of oxygen."

"Necessary" can't be a verb: It is not possible to necessary anything and nothing can be necessaried

Hope this helps.

Hi, Rose!

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