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Hello everybody,

it is cool coinscidence because exactly 6 years ago in October 2011, I joined EC :p Nobody has ever helped me to understand, what the hell was going on here - in fact - I had to follow my senses to be familiar with this platform and.. as you can see I survived in this jungle :D

Anyway, let's get to the point -> let me introduce myself.

Well..I hate things like my name izzz Lucie (but call me Luci, if you don't want me to get furious - it is for your good, ok?). I live in the Czech republic - country many of you have no idea where it is situated but I am ok with it ;) I am very old, fat and ugly - that's what I spread about myself here.. what's the reality? Believe me you better don't wanna know it, ha? :D

I am married, have two kids (5 and 7 yo) and yeahhh I am weirdo, I love irony and sarcasm, my sense of humour is pretty cool, my tongue pretty sharp as I was told :o and that's why I am very unpopular here :D sum it advice for new members is:
- be nice and cute,
- never say what you really think as you know others won't like it,
- post here only neutral things,
- stay anonymous so that others wouldn't laugh at your picture or gossip abt you :D

Hope, my introduction was useful :p and m trying to do everything against wht I have described ofc :D

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hhahhaha Luci!! This is like a poisoned rose, beautiful but dangerous hahaha... I don't know whether this is gonna help newcomers to feel more comfy in the site or if it's gonna make them run away scared! XD

Okay, first: Congrats for your 6th EC Anniversary! *throwing confetti* Should we celebrate an EC party? :D

Secondly, c'mon! I've heard you complaining other times about that nobody helped you out here... stop bearing that grudge! I know there is an inner sweet Luci eager to help newcomers too! XD

There's anyone who doesn't know where is the Czech Republic?? Well, no worries... at least American people don't mix it with Mexico hahaha....

Old, fat and ugly? yeah sure... People just have to see the pics and videos you've shared to know that... you're such a clumsy liar :P XD

I'm gonna follow your advice and skip to add more advice haha... thanks!! :D

Mary..haha..I did my best and got such cold shower from you :D damn it! Ofc we gotta celebrate my anniversary...on Skype :D
Hehehehe, nice to meet you, Lutzieh :p
What's funny here Abdullah???? :/

xD Hi Lucinka! Your name iiiizzzzzz:) All your tips are useful except first one... "be nice and cute" because it will be to boring, right?:) Thank you for introducing yourself! Btw, I think we really need some another branch of this "Introduce Yourself" for example "If you are an old member of EC, you still can introduce yourself here----->"

Hope to read sth from you too here! Btw i will kill ya for renewing here such old video of me :D lmao that cant be me btw hahaa.. m not that strict!

ahahahahah))))))))))) Let's hope that nobody will pay attention to that video again:)

Well, nice to meet you, Luci. :p

Luci is a crazy one with sharp tongue. That is your plus. lol. So, be careful of her guys, you may get annoyed. :P However, I'm just being cool. 8) 

I know that we have LOTS OF dissent, but what I like from you is your frankness. I value that. ;)

Nice to meet you too, Onee :D
Everything has plus and minus points - even sharp tongue :D don't wanna scare others..btw we can agree to disagree about some things but I respect you not just as human being but also as a teacher and thanx to you I learned there is difference between sincerity and honesty :D you see?

Hi, dear Luci! You are great as always! Let me ask if there is any special date to celebrate your joining EC or we can do it all October long? I prefer the last! Hahaha!

If all EC members followed your kind recommendations, it would be the most boring site on the network. If we all say what others want to hear, why to say anything at all? I am so happy we have such rebels like you, Mary, Danny and many others. You know, we like your irony and sarcasm. It is much better than hypocrisy or kissing somebody's ass. If being normal is weird, the world's roof has started moving off.

Well, when I first came to America about 25 years ago and started checking into an international hotel on Manhatten, the receptionst who spoke 7 languages, sounded like a Harvard graduate and looked like a movie star asked me where I was from. I told him I was from Kiev, Ukraine. He was so surprised as he had never heard about such a city or country before. He asked me where it is situated. I kindly explained him, it was a part of former Soviet Union situated in the south-east part of Europe. He asked me about the neighboring countries, too. When he gave me a receipt, it said "Permanent residence: Kiev, Ukraine, Russia, Europe". I still keep that receipt for memories. LOL!

Dear, we do know where Czech Republic is as it is so famous for its beer!

Thanks for being around! You make this club a desirable place to visit.


thanks for liking my introduction. Well..I don't remember the exact day I joined EC - so let's better celebrate it the whole October :D take every day shot of vodka, ok? :D (btw Danny too!)..
Ofc it is up to everybody, which role they choose to play here and to be honest it is a bit boring here lately - but maybe this is normal calm atmosphere for others, who enjoy it.. however - nothing for me/us :D
Haha it is nice receptionist described it soo properly - i just miss The Earth following Europe :D hahaaa btw people are surprised when I say Czech republic borders with Germany or Austria - they think it is closer to was on my mind when I said some don't know where it is situated :)
Thanx again for your nice words ;)

LUCIIIIIII! Hi, my dear fat, old, ugly muse! Brrrr! My congratulations! I see you are having a month long party without me! LOL! I will surely join your celebration. I promis to have a drink to you every day and not only in October. But what has happened to your sharp tongue? I am missing it so badly! EC looks so peaceful and dull. Isn't it time to shake it up a little?

Well, here is to your sharp tongue!


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