There are some books which are made into movies. While I enjoy reading, I also enjoy watching movies. 

There is one book that I enjoyed reading. It's 'Eat, Pray, Love'. And when the movie was out, I was excited to watch it. However, I was disappointed because I felt the book was better.

This is not a generalization. There are fantastic movies based on books.

How about you? Which do you prefer? Book or its movie version? Why? Share your favorite movie/s.

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Saua tidak tahu, tetapi saya suka buku. I like books a lot. Thanks for sharing. Is it possible to be one of your friends? Thanks.

Good to hear
Sure! We can be friends! Cheers!

Saya tidak tahu, tetapi saya suka buku. I like books a lot. Thanks for sharing. Is it possible to be one of your friends? Thanks.

Hi Michelle! I like both, movies and books.

And I had exactly the same situations with "Dan Brown - Inferno"  and "Stephen King - Gunslinger" - I don't like the movies, but I like the books!

And also there is a game "Prince of Persia and The Sand of Time" and again the game(both, the story and action) is better than movie.

Hi, Roman.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I have seen the movie 'Inferno' but I have not read the book. Maybe I should try to read the book. ;))

The other books sound interesting. 

Sometimes, it also depends on how the books and movies stir our taste, interest and imagination. :))

I prefer books.. movie usually dont show all details as books.. :)

But sometimes you just NEED to see any certain moment or action of the favorite book...

Even if you know that it will disappoint you. But you will be sure that it is disappointing, because you have seen it by your own eyes :D And you will be able to talk about that with your friends...

Hi, Roman,

Yes, I agree. It could be an interesting topic to discuss with friends, especially when they have also seen the movie. Opposing views always create great way to discuss. Or even same views. :))

Hi, Ella.

True. Sometimes it is disappointing. ;)

Most of the time I prefer book, because it has details. But at the same time I like movie based on the book. But not always. For example. Dan Brown's book Inferno.  In the book the female character happens to be bald because of some sickness reaction. In the move this is not so. In the book she decides to mend what his beloved (villain) did wrong to humanity, but in the movie she tried to carry on his mission after his death. So it is not necessary that movie always be as good as the book on which the movie is based.

Hi, Mishaikh! Thanks for the comment. Yes, there are some movies based on books that exactly show what was written. At the same time, they provide visual interpretations that are within our expectations. 

You have a fantastic example. Thanks for sharing!!!

Happy reading!

I always love movies, books make me sleep :)


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