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Money is more important or happiness?

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Hi, Bella!

I wish to know the answer)) 
For many people it's the same thing... (happiness in money)

It's depend from you!
I think first of all we should understand what is happiness mean for our self. 

So, this question should looks like:
-What is happiness for you and how many money you need for that?

It's obvious to give importance to happiness ! However, some times money also brings happiness. But the conclusion is that happyness is more important.

Very good answer. For me, it's the same like your opinion that we need money which is enough for being happy.Thanks!

Yes, if we have to choose between  money and happiness, we should choose happiness.But at the same time, money is also very important because without money, we cannot be happy either.So the important thing is to find a balance between the two of them.May you find your happiness.

That money which brings happiness is the best money, so the money or every power is the most important because they can use in a way to make happiness.
That money which brings happiness is the best money, so the money or every power is the most important because they can use in a way to make happiness.

To some extent money makes happiness , but not everyone who has money will be happy's matter of of how he can exploit this money so as to be happy ...

Of course happiness is more important. But in our society all arround is telling us what we need to get the happiness: Buy this car, you need to have that smartphone, use that trademark.

Maybe when we have some experience and know how to insolate ourselves of those things that don't contribute anything else, only then we know that we don't need so much money to get the happiness

Sahar,thank you for your comment.I couldn't agree with you more.Money is not everything but it can do great things.Sometimes it can even bring happpiness.

Hello,Abderrahim Arfaoui,thank you for your opinion.Yeah,maybe money is just a way to possess happiness and there are lots of ways to be happy.

Jose Rus Ras, your opinion is very pursuasive.We all know that to get happiness, actually money is not the most important part in it. Sometimes happiness is just a state of mind. But on the way gaining happiness, we may think if don't have money, we cannot afford the house price, buy commodities we need,etc. So we just stick to the road of making money. Maybe just as you said, some day, all of a sudden,we will understand that actually we don't need so much money.

            Thank you for your view.

very smart answer

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