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Of course, every one of us wants to be happy in his life. How do we do that?

Is it possible to buy happiness by money? I have a lot of money; does that mean I am happy? If the answer is yes, it means that poor people are not happy. Depression and other distressing thoughts, do they have anything to do with happiness? Can we be happy by our quality of thoughts?

Many questions, I hope to find some answers for them, thanks for your contributions.  

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I have been reading about that.

The conclusion I agree with is:

You need a basic amount of money that cover your needs. If you are below this basic needs, money will make you happy. But if you are above this basic needs there is not evidence of connection.

Personally I see money as a tool. As my tools for drawing. I can be happy drawing with an expensive tool, but I'm also happy sketching with my 0.5€ pen. 

Qeires decir kei, Ramon? Do you really mean that? I guess you are a happy artist. To satisfy yourself with basic needs. That is really marvelous. I really like it. Honestly, I want to have a lot of money to make me happy. I mean millions and millions in my bank account. I do want to worry about tomorrow. Thanks Ramon for your first and nice comment.

No Dara. You are wrong.  Millions will not stop you to worry about tomorrow.  You will have different worries. How to manage my money? Should I share part of my money? Should I give all the money my kids ask my or if I do that they will waste all and have no idea how to make money? Worries is about life, not about money.

But if you have a need not covered not only basics like food or house, also for example education you want to be engineer but have no money. This money yes will make you happy.

But not millions in the bank.

Lol, solo estaba bromeanda, mi amigo Ramon. I was only joking. You are right, it won't stop me from worrying about tomorrow. Each and every word you have said was just quite true. I will tell you a short story, my dear artist. There were two couples living with their basic daily needs and they were happy. Their neighbors were very rich. The woman wanted her man to become rich too. The rich man knew about her wish and he gave her husband ten million dollars. Out of nowhere, they became rich. and the man became busy counting the money and forgetting about his wife. The wife realized the change in her husband and wished that they were in their previous state again. She ordered her neighbor to take his money back.

Money is an indispensable part of our life  this is a fact that no one can deny . How can any person feel happy  if his stomach is empty most of the time  , shivering from winter  or have no place to sleep  . We need money to supply our essential needs to live a decent  life  . What most people  do is connecting  happiness  with wealth and luxury   . Which is completely  wrong  . We can live a decent  life without  much of money or luxurious  things . However  , happiness  won't be handed  to us on a golden  platter   , even if we have lots of money  or few shillings   . Happiness  is a long term plan  , a cluster  of habits  , emotional  control   , patient  and positive  thinking  . It is not in the excessive  want to possess  everything  nor in being monks  . Happiness  is the art of balance  . That's  what I think  :)

Wa itigadik fi mahilu. Kalamik sahih ya sit Rosemary. You mean we cannot buy happiness with money? I guess the more you have money the happier you are. By the way, can we be friends? Thanks for your comment on that discussion, Money and Happiness.

This article said everything. That's true. To add, Money buys any physical thing not psychological and emotional.

Merci beacoup mon  ami, Chabane. Thanks for your rare words about psychology concerning money and happiness, thanks agina.

Shookran jazeelan ya Rosemary! Thanks for those tips above. Did you mean money can buy many things but not happiness? Thanks again Rosemary.

Dara, SABR (Contentedness) gives happiness.  Be happy with what you have, money or not money. Being wealthy gives big responsibility, sometimes it is a problem like poverty is. If you are not balanced you do have any happiness even if you are rich.  If you are SAABIR (contended) then you can achieve happiness even in poverty.  We should pray Allah (Always) that He keeps us dependent upon Him and only Him.

Thanks for the topic.

Shayed, yah kiya tha, Mishaikh sahib. I fully, agree with that. If we are contented with what was given to us, that will bring happiness in our life. Hey! Mr. Mishaikh, How would I be contented? If Allah gives me one thousand dollars, I want more. I see that 'X' is having two thousand. I would not be contented with one, I would hope for more. Look at me for instance. In my dictionary, there is no word that was named 'content'. I will ask for more. I asked Allah that I would be contented at Jumaa prayer yesterday. I am glad you have inserted that word 'content' in our discussion. In Arabic we say, contentment is an inexhaustible treasure.    


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