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Hello, everyone. What do you think about younger guys who are interested in and want to marry older women?

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thanks for correct my comment , its important this you did it to me , thanks very much

Love is miraculous gift from Heaven. Just beacause there are no distinct between rich and poor, the black or white, euducated or non-educated, young or old.

So we should love following the heart's requirement.

I agree!

There is a common rule that husband is supposed older than his wife. However, who makes the rule? Is that any law that prohibit man marrying older woman? I think as long as they are fit each other, love each other..?


Yes, that's the point. If they fit and love each other, why not. Thanks for your comment. :D

why not if she is sexy and experienced

Yeah! Though they aren't but if they have something that has been searching by the young guys, why not?:)

Hi Chandra,

It is a mutual case young men can marry older women and older men can marry younger girls. I do not see any problems if love is there, respect, and mutual understanding. The most important thing is love and respect, Thank you very much and good luck. 

You're welcome, Dr. Kamal. Thanks for liking and commenting in my discussion. That's true. I agree with you. Good luck to you, too.

 awesome, it shows that he realy loves her a lot.

It seems to be. :) Thanks for participating.

I don't think there is anything wrong with an older woman marrying a younger man. As long as they are good together. Love, Trust and Respect I mean. But sometimes it creates problem especially if the older woman stop taking care of herself. There are younger men who tend to look for diversions. My Aunt's husband is suspected to be doing that now. My Aunt is 54 and he is 27. hahahahaha talk about age gap but it's true these things do happen in reality.


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