Hello, everyone. What do you think about younger guys who are interested in and want to marry older women?

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1. I agree.
2. It's true but not completely true. Many women still in fertile period long after 30's. I have a friend who bore her tenth child in the age of 43. And I saw a woman bore her child in 50's.
3. Hmm...
Thanks. :)

well as far as i'm concern, there's nothing wrong with it as long as they're comfortable with their age gap, Love is beyond everything, no matter where u from, what race or religion you may have,

LOve will find the way

Right... right. "Love will find the way", I like it!

Haha! We need a party, Great idea Arif... :D

So kind of you, Arif. You are right. It should depends on the couple themselves. If they want it, no one should discourage them to do it. :)

Age or other objective factors can not hinder  the love.

so if the young guy fall in love with the older woman,it's nomal.

I don't think it has any question.Certainly,somebody would be talk about the relation.

But,it is not the thing you should always concern.Everything will be OK if you are happy together.

Thanks for participating in my discussion, Jane. It's good opinion, and wise, as well.

according to my views the one thing which is more considerable the Mental frquency...if mental approach and their heart beats on a same track then age difference doesnt matter . Keep smiling and stay smart..

Allah bless all of us..


Thank you, Ummay. Amen.

Difference in age doesn't matter when two hearts r in love, bcoz love has no eyes.

I agree with you, Sameer. I hope there will be more people have opinion like ours.

Hello Chandra,

This discussion reminds me one of Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury's Tales "The Wife of Bath's Tale". The story goes : In King Arthur's time there was a knight who misbehaves with a young maiden. King Arthur punishes him, and the Knight is condemned to death, but the Queen arbitrates on behalf of the Knight and asks the King to enable her to pass the judgement on the Knight.

King does so, then the Queen asks the knight "What is the thing that most women desire?" The knight does not have an answer and is released by the Queen and she commands him to return within a year with an answer.

Hey Chandra, this story is very long. Do you want me to finish it?


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