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Hello, everyone. What do you think about younger guys who are interested in and want to marry older women?

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Thanks for participating in my discussion, Jane. It's good opinion, and wise, as well.

according to my views the one thing which is more considerable the Mental frquency...if mental approach and their heart beats on a same track then age difference doesnt matter . Keep smiling and stay smart..

Allah bless all of us..


Thank you, Ummay. Amen.

Difference in age doesn't matter when two hearts r in love, bcoz love has no eyes.

I agree with you, Sameer. I hope there will be more people have opinion like ours.

Hello Chandra,

This discussion reminds me one of Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury's Tales "The Wife of Bath's Tale". The story goes : In King Arthur's time there was a knight who misbehaves with a young maiden. King Arthur punishes him, and the Knight is condemned to death, but the Queen arbitrates on behalf of the Knight and asks the King to enable her to pass the judgement on the Knight.

King does so, then the Queen asks the knight "What is the thing that most women desire?" The knight does not have an answer and is released by the Queen and she commands him to return within a year with an answer.

Hey Chandra, this story is very long. Do you want me to finish it?

Yes, Pallavi, please. I'm curious. :D

Hmmm's possible if the age gap is not so wide because the wider the gap is, the difference is so pronounced.  Some men prefer women older than they because of dependence.  We can't deny the fact that women decide better than men when it comes to family matters.  Being old is always equated with being wise.   Serious men look for mature women who are more capable of handling relationship very well than younger naive women.  

But most of the prefer younger women than older women.

You're right, Anele. Most of the time men prefer younger women but nowadays it becomes common that young guys marry older women. So, how wide (or narrow) the age gap, you think, should be tolerated?

Well, I don't prefer it for a simple reason that men are easily affected by young girls. I'm talking in a general speaking not all men are like that, but at least MOST. =))

Therefore, men will regret their marriage and then they may deceive their wives. The life between them will be miserable. 

Mostly, men who are attracted by elder women, I mean who want to marry from such women, have some gabs in their lives and want to fill it up. 

However, there are some happy stories from such marriage. =))

I agree with Yasemin, it's the human right,  i think it's not matter who is elder. The main thing it's  the good understanding and relationship. For Example my fiancee is 2 month elder than me, i know it not a big difference, but i'm sure, the relationship between us were the same if is she would be a several years older. She is the one i'm in love with all my heart, and i don't care how old is she. caught me unprepared Chandra!  Actually, it's hard to answer how wide should the age gap be.......unless I have the experience!  

I guess the relationship of such a May-December love affair lasts when there is a meeting of the minds not only of the souls.  So it all depends on how mature the younger one thinks to meet up his/her older partner.

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