A good management leads to the improvement of a business. It is the act of controlling or making decisions about the business. Likewise, bad management causes the business or the organization to suffer. It might need a management training program.

On the other hand, Leadership, the power or ability to lead other people. The person or a group of persons in charge of a business or an organization.

Do the two acts go on parallel lines? Which is better, to be a leader or a manager? Is the leader a manager? Or is it the other way round?

Thanks for your kind views in advance.  

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It's a interesting topic. I think a worst thing is that a leader who has leadership doesn't have good management ability, because he would devastate his country or organization. A leader who doesn't have the two wouldn't continue to be as a leader. People wouldn't follow a leader who has good management ability but doesn't have leadership. We are looking forward to leaders who have the two, though it may be difficult.

Sutekina kotoba Tam. I really like your words. The good leader must have a nice way to guide people. He or she should have the qualities and the skills of the leader. One leader can ruin his people and his country, too. In other words, you meant that a good leader must have good management. Thanks, Tam.

In my opinion, both are the same. When you are a manager, you must be a leader. But leader is not always a manager which it depends on group sizes or scope. A manager should be able to handle the people as well as the business. A manager should be able to give a good example to his/her subordinates and take an exact decision in a good way. 

Benar benar teman ku! I agree with you, Diah. The leader is not always a manager. He can have an assistant or assistants  to do that work for him. He must have the capacity for leadership. The manager is responsible to manage a certain organization such as a bank, a hotel, or a store. His tasks are organizing, arranging or training, etc. Thanks Diah for your comment.

each one completes other, any company or project needs them both.

Tamam ya Iraqi john! Both are needed. The good leader knows how to lead. The good manager knows how to arrange or organize his organization. Thanks Iraqi for your comment.  

Thanks Lana for pressing the like button of that discussion. 

Mr. Dara,

There is a sentence, a little bit cliche like, this one - Never mix business with pleasure - but none the less it carries along with it the breeze of truth.

A soft leader who wants to be friends with all his employees is often not capable of making unpopular decisions. A leader often have to make/take some decisions for the benefit of the company and the budgets, which the employees may not have insight into.

And because of that, there will always be some dissatisfied employees, the one or other way.

Which is better leading or managing? I believe one have to be clear about ones own competences and then chose. Leading is complex and not everyone can master it.

Thank you for posting this interesting discussion Mr. Dara.

The leader must be firm in certain situations. Situations that need quick decisions. I agree with that, my lady. Mixing business with pleasure is very dangerous. Some employees take advantage of this friendship with the leader for their own personal benefits. This could also lead to hurting other employees. I guess you prefer managing to leadership. It is true that the position of a leader is not that easy. Besides, leading a nation is a big responsibility. Thanks for your analytic comment. right now, I am writing stories about your challenge and Mr. Danny Clark. You will see it tomorrow or the day after. Thanks, Eva.

Hello Mr. Dara,

No :)

If I had to choose, I would chose leadership.

I be looking forward to read your contributions, thank you so much.

No, Evangelina, leadership is too far for me. Even management although I studied business management and trading, and I know how to manage a certain business. Both jobs are not my type. I am too sentimental to guide people or manage a small organization. I would not say that I do not bear any responsibilities but the nature of my thinking is not suitable for the two jobs. it seems that my friend, Evangelina is a strong person. Thanks for your nice words. 

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