Complete :  Life Is So BORING Without........................?

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Life is boring without practicing at least two activities...

  1. Have a job.
  2. Religious practice.
  3. ....

yess , always we have to do somthing

thank you so much for the nice comment


It's obvious. Why didn't people talk about excitement. Perhaps, it is an old word. I would like to use it again. "Life is so boring without excitement." Internet, love, family, animals etc. But all the things have one common ground. That's excitement. For example, Internet is so useful and give us excitement. It couldn't give no more excitement if MyEC friends are no more available online to discuss like this.

hello Zarmanimyo

this is really very new idea , thank you so much for the nice comment .

a reason to get out of bed every morning.The nature that surrounds us and the love of our children.

hello Shane ,

this is right , thank you so much for the nice comment

life is so boring without any good friends

           Hi Saba, actually, I agree with you.To have a good friend you can talk to about anything, to trust, to stick with you in good times and bad, to be there every time you need,to make you happy, to complete you, to fulfill your dreams, really it is a marvelous thing to have such a friend. My dear Saba, if you have a real good friend, really, I envy you.

           Yes, our life is boring without any good friend. Unfortunately, a good friend is very rare in these days, so, from my life experiences, I have been taught that, the one person I am with foreever is me. Thanks.

right saba ,

thank you so much for your nice comment

Hello Hafida ,everyone,

  In fact i don't know how to start but i will be striaght to the point . i think to my short knoweldge , life is boring without experience which is to try everything , not just to close to oursleves or to satisfy on just our work .  Also to to feel love, to enjoy love, and at the same time to enjoy the pain of love , the family , mistakes , but the most important thing in life without it life is considered to me boring is love . love is the fevor should all live with and hope .  finally , woamn r most important element in our life .

hello Adil ,

hummmmmmm , just say it " my life is so boring without my girl "

thank you so much for the nice comment


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