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Complete :  Life Is So BORING Without........................?

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agree with you dear

thank you so much for the nice comment

        Hi Hiba, how are you today? I hope the smile takes your's lips as her permanent home fo ever after. 

    I agree with you that life is boring without our families. But my dear, what is your definition of the word "family"?  Do you mean the persons which they are living under the same roof, if that your difinition, alow me,in that case,  I don't agree with you, because of, a very simble reason,which is : we all know that  family's members take care of each others, concern about each others, suporte each others and every one in that family does his best to stringthen the familyship's bond with his family, and how many family, in these days, her members do that?! 

      Really, I know many families there members live as a strangers under the same roof, and they call themselves families. Dear hiba, to make a long story short,a true family is like a heart his beats are an honest brothers, sisters, cousins, teachers, and friends and many others who care. It doesn't matter if we are together or apart, they will be in my heart. So, what is yours?


Hai Hafida...

Pertaining to your question above, i would say life is so boring without internet..

Internet is such an important mean for us to communicate...with internet, i'm able to connect with my friends all over the world...

Plus, it does help us in studies...without internet i couldn't imagine how am i going to finish my assgmnts...those assgmnts require me to look for information via internet..

above of all, i keep in touch for latest news and entertainment update using internet....i normally turn to you tube for latest music videos by popular singers....

That's what i think...what do you think Hafida?=)

May I know which one did u mean ?

Life is boring without practicing at least two activities...

  1. Have a job.
  2. Religious practice.
  3. ....

you are very right dear , of course agree with you.

thank you dear for the nice comment

i mean : what makes your life More fun..... so without this thing your life will be soooo boring.

yess , always we have to do somthing

thank you so much for the nice comment

            Hi Aina Anne, you mentioned that life is boring without internet, and you wrote a fue of internet advantages . Really I am interested by your point,but allow me to remind you and our friends about the most internet disadvantages unpleasant,wich they, in my viewpoint, are going to change your minde about considering life is boring without internet. 

             I admet that the internet is the greatest devoloment in the domain of communication industry. Yes, it maks our life easy,but in the other hand it takes our social life away.We spend too much time in front of a machine, and not enough time in front of real peaple. In another words, we became internet addicted in so much we nearly have a time to talk whith our families, friends and relatives face to face, so our feelings and our social life fall a part.Really I miss the old days which were filled with joy, laughter, play and honest feelings.

             Finally, it is hard to trust all the information we get over the internet. Thank you very much.



It's obvious. Why didn't people talk about excitement. Perhaps, it is an old word. I would like to use it again. "Life is so boring without excitement." Internet, love, family, animals etc. But all the things have one common ground. That's excitement. For example, Internet is so useful and give us excitement. It couldn't give no more excitement if MyEC friends are no more available online to discuss like this.

first i am very happy for your beautiful answer , you are right but if we think like this so we looking for a model family right ?

were is it ?  a member family like the member of heart so nice and i know that there are many family live without relations,feelings,and loves. i mean now my family is my mom really mom only ones that fall due this honour. 


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