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Complete :  Life Is So BORING Without........................?

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hello Zarmanimyo

this is really very new idea , thank you so much for the nice comment .

a reason to get out of bed every morning.The nature that surrounds us and the love of our children.

hello Shane ,

this is right , thank you so much for the nice comment

life is so boring without any good friends

Hello Hafida ,everyone,

  In fact i don't know how to start but i will be striaght to the point . i think to my short knoweldge , life is boring without experience which is to try everything , not just to close to oursleves or to satisfy on just our work .  Also to to feel love, to enjoy love, and at the same time to enjoy the pain of love , the family , mistakes , but the most important thing in life without it life is considered to me boring is love . love is the fevor should all live with and hope .  finally , woamn r most important element in our life .

hello Adil ,

hummmmmmm , just say it " my life is so boring without my girl "

thank you so much for the nice comment

Hi everybody,

I agree with all precedent comment, life is boring without love, affection, friends, and a lot of beautiful things, but can you imagine life without the opposite of all that, I mean life without problems, hatred...

in my opinion, life will be boring if we live just one side of it.

            Hi Rochdy, yes I agree with you %100 that life without the opposites of life enjoyment  is very boring. Love, happiness, job, friends, family, peace, health and a lot of uncounted beautiful things wich bring sunshine into our lives, but wihout its oppositions it loses its values, so, these words be unmeaningless words,which ,on behalf of myselfe, I can't feel the real life without the sensation of victory, really I am in love with this word, which is created by challenge these oppositions.

            In my viewpoint, challenge creates victory, and victory creates the flavor of the life's joy.

             Finally, if we don't learn how to fight for our dreams, we will not deserve ourlives.

Unfortunately,I think, Life is so boring without Money.

Accept it or not but this is our real life.

If you didn't have money, you'll haven't Friends, Family, Food, Dreams even hope.

        Hi Adil, actually you mentioned a very powerful point, the experiences, whether they are good  or bad, happy or sad, restful or painful or belong to us or to others. Yes,all kind of experriences are not only effect our lives, but also form our lives, and effect on our communications with others, and control our believe in ourselves, in another words, these esperiounces create our lives with its little details. Lucky you Adil.

         My friend, you also mentioned in your comment that love is the most important experience you ever have, alow me my friend to ask you :What kind of love do you mean? If you ask me the same quistion, I will say, with aloud voice, the unconditional love.

         Finally, you said, that woman is the most important element you ever have. As a woman let me say to you : god bless you. But my friend, I whould like you to use creature insted of element,when you speak about woman, its more politic word than element. Thank you very much.

I think its very very borning without goul


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