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what is the first thing u see when u wake up in the morning?

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I see my books around my bed.


Of course, Mobile for switching off the Alarm

When I wake up , my eyes can not see any thing till I walk to WC .
So , I think u can guess what I see at first ... Haha ( just kidding )
To be serious , first thing that I see is just clock !

Hey , I love the charactar of ur profile . keep it up , man !

The ceiling!

The pillow between my knees is the first thing that I see when I wake up in the morning!

Love your discussion....a cup of coffee my husband makes for me....don't think that it's a big love... simply he knows pretty well that I won't leave my bed without this magic no

The first thing that i see when i wake up it my Mobile it is for swiching off the alarm...some time i dont see that i swich that off by close eyes and then when I open my eyes the thing that i See is sun.

Clock :)

Clock. What do you see when you wake up?

I see my phone.

The first thing I see when I wake up in the morning, are the chirping birds outside my window and the beautiful sunrise striking its rays that signal to wake up, which gives hope for starting a new day.

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