Who was the best actor who portrayed the role of Ian Fleming's novel series, James Bond?

There was Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan, George Lazenby, Timothy Dalton, Daniel Craig, and many others.

Some preferred Barry Nelson. Others said that Roger Moore was slow in his actions, but he was good for the fiction role.

My daughter preferred Pierce Brosnan. She found him very handsome and good for the action roles.

I noticed that the majority sympathize with that Scottish actor, Sean Connery. Maybe,  because of his unique style and the spectacular supporting cast.

What do you think?

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I like Pierce Brosnan and I hope to see that Sam Claflin or Robert Pattinson will be the next James Bond .

Suasday Anna, chan hin. You are like my daughter, she likes Pierce Brosnan very much. Honestly, he is, indeed. We feel jealous of his beauty. You know what Anna? Girls die to get his signature.  Thanks for your quick and first comment, dear young lady.  

My first choice had been Sean Connery.  He appeared in a number of James Bond Movies.

Then I liked Roger Moore. But I think he appeared only in one movie. (If I am not wrong).

Thanks, dara. It is pleasing nostalgia.

Aap sahih ho, Mr. Mishaikh. Mr. Moore did not appear in many roles for that fictional story of that famous writer, Ian Fleming. I like those two producers, Albert R. Broccoli and Harry Saltzman who brought Sean Connery to play the role of James Bond. Thanks for your comment.    

Hello, Dara Gino! Only Pierce Brosnan! All others are not so good!!!!

Tsa vasha dumka, Roman. We have to respect your point of view, but others prefer Roger Moore. Let us see what others have to say about it. Thanks for your comment.

Hello, Dara Gino Jee!

Pierce Brosnan! 

The first movie which I watched of the James Bond Franchise was Pierce Brosnan movie and I liked it. So, I am with Pierce Brosnan. He had finely portrayed the role of James Bond.  I am a fan of his movies. 

I think it suits me ;) 

My name is WAZIR.... Rahul Wazir...  :D

Lekin qu ap nahi deka Sean Connery?  My daughter agrees with you, Rahul. she is a fanatical admirer of Mr. Brosnan. I told her many times to behave herself. Thanks for your comment Rahul.

Rahul, Pahaili probhav zaroor hain. The first impression is important. My daughter is like you. The pictures of Mr. Brosnan is in everywhere in her room. Try to watch (Goldfinger) or (Thunderball). You might come up with a different idea about actor Sean Connery. Thanks again.

Hello, Dara Gino Jee!!

Yes.... I have also watched some Sean Connery's movies ( right now I do not remember their names) but I found it old and did not much like it ... I like Mr Brosnan movies more than any other casts. 

yes, Pehla Prabhav asar dalta hai.... Dara Gino jee ..... which is why ... your daughter liked Mr Brosnan movies like me. :) 

However, I will watch Goldfinger and Thunderball! 

Thank you, Dara Gino Jee!! 

Rahul, kiya aap ku yakin hai? Brosnan sunder hai, lekin.... Mr. Andy, Mr. Danny, Mr. Mishaikh, mod. Paula, they all agree to Mr. Sean Connery. Besides, our boss likes him too. Honestly, Rahul, I do not want to disagree with our boss even if I do not agree to Mr. Connery.  Take it from me as an advice, never disagree with your boss, otherwise, he or she will kick you out. Thanks, Rahul.

Hahaha! I do like this discussion although the question is what to discuss. Tastes differ! Anyway, Agent 007 is one of the most popular movie characters. I do like Sean Connery most of all. His irresistable charm and inimitable manners made us recall him any time we hear James Bond's name. Pierce Brosnan was really good for that role. However, Timothy Dulton was not bad at all, either. I think he was even better as he was British.


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