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Love is how you make another person feel when you are in their presence or absence.Many people show or express their love for someone in many and different ways.But right now the love is a great thing that should be wealth forever and valued as an important part in your life because it will effect all  your relationships. Some times you love without any reason ,you don't know how? or why? for that reason ,what is your opinion is love blind?

What will happen if the people live without love? in my point of view ,I will lose my ability to survive in this world.Without love I can be defined as a hopeless creature.I love you no other words has so much power.Love is the most important aspect of human life as I know it.

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Lol I am fine. I got point of discussion. When someone falls in love (s)he can see faults but (s)he compromise with them in order to flourish love, yet love is not blind. Beauty or ugliness can not be the reason of calling it blind love.

Blind love is something else. :D
I agree with you.
Thank you sir for asking a question :D

The love between mother and baby is the blessing of God Almighty. I can say it surely that this is not blind love. :D

I don't know love is blind or not but I am sure love is short-lived.

Sir you are trying to puzzle me with your questions hehehe..... ok good attempt lol
I don't know too much whether baby has understanding for emotion or not. A baby is needy. He needs mother to be fed only. The love of any one can be measured by sacrifices. Judge it by yourself, how much sacrifices a baby, in such a tender age, make for her mother?

Next? :D
All praise be to Almighty Allah! (^_^).
Wow how smartly you twist my comments into your favour at the end. Loud clapping for you lol.

Do you wanna know more about love of baby for mother. The real test begins when baby grows up and another woman, who has sacrificed nothing, comes in his life. If this new woman takes him away from that woman, who sacrificed the whole life for him, on the name of love, where is love for mother? Actually man is utilitarian and selfish, isn't he?
My lovely friend, you agree with me on this point? I can't believe it! It seems as if I am dreaming lol
But discussion is not over yet(^_^).
Wait for my conclusive comment. Maybe after Eid.

Love is when two people touch each others soul.Love is honesty and trust.Love is helping one another.Love is mutual respect.Love means that differences can be work out.Love is reaching your dreams together.Love is connection of two hearts.:)


sometimes we thought love is the most complicate thing in the world.sometimes we thought it's the simplest's a strange thing.but whatever it is,it's difinitely that love is the most inportant thing in the world.

The more you love, the more you suffer. But love is one of the important roles in our life. Love can give strength although we feel really hurt. Love is blind.. I suppose so... :-)
Sorry my dear friend,
Eight months went by, yet I completely fail to conclude our discussion :)
Thank you for tolerating my discussion :D
Nothing new, but you're greatly missed here :)

Take care, you're great asset of myec, especially for me :)

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