I have to log in many times a day even when I already have MyEC open in my iPhone browser! Still, the network makes me log in again because those tabs get logged out somehow and it forgets who I am while I'm still logged in. 

I need to use the iPhone to answer questions during the day and to reply to comments from my EnglishClub. I need it to keep me logged-in and not log me out while I still have windows open.

The Ning company that supports our social network, says that iPhone is supported and so is the Ipod Touch. I would like to ask them about the platform and it's workings on the Mobile Version of EnglishClub...Why do I keep getting logged out when I already have MyEngishClub open on my device?

This also happens on the iPad which they do not claim to support. They do say they support my iPhone, so I hope for an answer for my problems on the iPhone so that I have one mobile device that works properly.

I hope they reply if there is a fix or an explanation for why I may suddenly have a bunch of read-only tabs/windows where I can't be recognized as a logged in member and have to repeat the log-in process all over again. I wouldn't mind a login every twenty four hours but six or eight times a day is not a good thing.

Thanks for checking on this.     :)

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Thanks for your great question. I hope I can come up with a good answer with help from the tech team. Stay tuned. 

I wonder if they have looked into this. I didn't ask Josef what kind of phone he uses and really wonder if this happens to other iPhone users. If it isn't happening to everyone it should be able to see how the affected people have their phones set up. Maybe it has to do with other installed apps.

Bob: I wonder whether you view MyEC on your iPhone as mobile or as desktop. On iPhone 6 I seem to stay logged in and hardly ever have to re-login. I used the desktop view (which I suspect you do too) as the mobile view is pretty sparse. Previously it was the same on iPhone 5 and 4 if I recall correctly. You probably know - there's a link to "Switch to mobile/desktop" at the bottom of the screen when you are using your phone.

I'm not sure which settings on the iPhone might influence this. I have Settings > Safari > Passwords & AutoFill > Names and Passwords toggled ON.

Let's know how you get on.

Thanks for your input Josef.  I have the same settings turned on as you do.  I wonder if you have more than one email account on your phone?  I used to think it was because I opened email from a different account and somehow Safari decided to change my login information for open windows, but I think I have eliminated that.

I can go to bed while reading EC notifications and when I wake up and look at my page or blog I can see them change from My Page to Bob's Page or from Inbox to the Join or Sign in page. Once one page has changed the others will follow. The opposite is not true. I can follow a link from an EC email, log-in and then see other pages still don't recognize me as logged in.  This usually will change if I wait a few minutes.

The Apple iOS is not transparent and I don't know how much of this is their Safari App and how much is Ning.  I think if Ning gets fully compatible with iOS and iPhone the problem will disappear.

It does seem strange Bob. I have no problems like that on iPhone and iPad, both using Safari. I basically only have one email address in the Apple Mail app. If you're using desktop view it shouldn't be a question of Ning and iPhone compatibility because it's just like a normal web browser. Do you have iCloud Keychain enabled?

I do only use the desktop view on the iPhone. Also the iPad only opens the site in desktop view. I have one email account for English related business only. My other email is more for political activism (petitions and the like) plus an email account for keeping in touch with family and friends and managing property and the like back in the US.

One is yahoo and two are Gmail. I hope other people share their experiences here too. I will add here that the iPad has the same problems.
What about iCloud Keychain? Do you use that?
I do have iCloud Keychain on also Josef. I will try to explore more about stored passwords and user names. Maybe I can delete specific sites and then replace them. If Ina doesn't have this happen either, it may be in my settings.

Sometimes I use my Iphone to log into MyEC, but I don't face the issue as you're facing now. But maybe because I just use it to read blogs. No commenting, no chatting.

Any luck Bob?

Not yet Josef. Thanks for asking. In fact, for the first time ever I was somehow logged out on my Windows OS computer immediately after leaving a comment.
I suspected a link between using a news site called Daily Koss and the problems here. It also seems to be using a Ning platform and it used to recognize me but also would log me out. I don't use the same identity for everything and I keep different email accounts. As far as I know I had all the same settings back before I started getting logged out. Someday when I have a lot of time I will do a complete backup and wipe my data to see if it will work before I restore everything else. Until then I will wait for a new iPhone interface from Ning.

Very strange.  I got home and I had been logged out of MyEC on my Macbook too. It always remembered me and kept me logged in. I had to type in user name and password as if everything in my kechain had been lost.  Strange, strange strange.


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