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These questions intrigue me, if you have a time machine:

1. Where would you go?

2. What year would you come back?

3. Why?

4. Would you bring anyone with to travel with you?

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Hi Noas

If I'll be able to live in my favorite time,

1. I wish I live in the future, about 10,000 years next.

2. I'd never come back, stay there forever.

3. At that time, life is very enjoyable, no war, no cruelty, no hunger, no disease, ........I like to live in peace and justice, this is what we can't get now.

4. I would take all my relatives, and friends with me, if you like, I would take you too :)

Hi Saba,

The first person who wants to go to the future instead of the past. Thank you for your invitation, but if I follow you, can I ask you to return me back to this time. I don't want to be known as an ancient lady who lives more than 2 centuries years old. LOL

1. Where would you go? to my village

2. What year would you come back? 1999

3. Why? it was my childhood

4. Would you bring anyone with to travel with you? my brother 

So you must have wonderful memories of your childhood that you want to experience it again. 


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