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If you could be attractive and stupid or intelligent and ugly, which would you prefer? Why?

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You won! I consider to be ugly dishonest and mean people.... No connection with beauty....

For fun ,also this called learning.Hope to meet you again ,many thanks for nice replies.

Hope to hear from you as well. Take care!

If you have any questions ,please ,go ahead. ----Best wishes.

Hi,i always like to be intelligent because under this circumstances i easily can solve all problems encountering them in my life 

About stupidity -,please , you should watch this video


or his parents are totally fools ,or aren't they ? He's just a baby .These mentally afflicted adults formed psych this child.I'm in shock after watching.


Id prefer to be beautiful and stupid, because the main thing in your life is to be happy. And when you are stupid you can afford this thing. But when you are intelligent you understand more and see that world isn't perfect, and you cant change anything, so you are not happy then.

I don't know...But I know that beauty and Brain are a perfect combination !

Hi Anna,

I think, if you intelligent you will find out

how to be ugly and happy

: D

isn't that co0ol

I am satisfied with myself and I accept myself as I am; hence I am confident. Confident = attractive + intelligent. :-)

If you are beautiful but not confident you are still far from being beautiful.

If you are intelligent but not confident you are far from being intelligent.

So, the core is confidence with gives you both, so be confident!

Its definitely not attractive if your stupid no matter how beautiful you are, but you know nothing ....your not if I were to choose I'll prefer to be intelligent and ugly, because now a days there are many cosmetic surgeon that can make me beautiful so Ill become pretty and still intelligent!!!

I would prefer to be an intelligent but ugly....why...because there's nothing in the world that can steal what you store in your brain or what capable you are. Most of us, are highly appreciated to the person that is 'beautiful' or 'gorgeous' aren't we?

As I always believe; beauty outside can be easily scarred; old and wasted. Why not try to 'smart' and feed your brain than wasting yourself in front of the mirror, criticizing you're god-given you - to be like 'them'. There's nothing wrong to be be fit; nice looking but a person is not just being seen as you can see outside, though that's the first thing that we noticed in a person.

I gain nothing anyway in a beauty without brain...cheers everyone

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