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If you could be attractive and stupid or intelligent and ugly, which would you prefer? Why?

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Now  its my turn, Iwant to talk a little bit about your question Svilen,

Well any normal person can't bear the one who  didn't care about his personal appearance for a long time, let us think about  a person who don't take a daily shower in summer how long can you stay beside him!!!!!!!!!

On the other hand, although I think that Brad pitt is realy realy handsome, BUT...this doesn't mean that I can marry him for example or even like him .

biologically and psychologically there are a alot of variety between the feelings of men and women.....

by very very simple and casual expression I can say it this way

'' Men love by their eyes and women love by their ears''

Thanks for pointing out, Yas-chan!  That's my little Yas-chan for!

I don't know if Paris Hilton is stupid or not, it is the media that creates her as well as stones her.

I have found this on the net.

with a saying from Einstein...."If you spend two hours speaking with a beautiful woman, you feel, at the end of the two hours that you've spent only two minutes with her; while if you spend two minutes sitting on hot tin, you feel you've spent two days!"

You are welcome :P kekeke


What's the problem? I think it's easier for everyone to imagine when I mention those names.  The question itself is conditional, I'm pretty sure that I can use those characters who are not real, too.

PS: I would write a blog about chan, since I'm too lazy to explain everyone each time!! See you there!!

Then, I will help you with the chan situation! ehehe take me with u!!LOL...:))

ooohhh...haha...sorry...okay, i'll choose...

emm...i prefer being an ugly but smart coz once u're so much intelligent, people will see the beauty inside u...:))


I told you I have no problem with you enjoy watching TV. It's not me but Tetyana Sudyma who first suspected you did not give a honest answer. She might be convinced now but I can still sense your answer, well, not convincing.

In this thread, you have replied many times and given many examples to prove you appreciate other unattractive people, in real-life whom you have met or in TV whom you watched. You did not answer if you'd rather be ugly for yourself. In other words, are you seriously want to be born ugly, such as bad skin, shot, with receding hair and protruded teeth? I doubt it.

By the way, I had no interest to know what 'chan' means. I actually found it is a quite silly after seeing so many people, for no reason, calling each other with it in the forum, as if EC is not a place for English language. I used it because I had to reply it back as it is the way you called me, and asked you about it because I felt my debate with you might be a little hash for you but I trusted you could handle it -Am I right?

I thought this is a very good topic to debate, for practising our English skills and I hope everyone enjoy it :)

Oh Yasmin, forget about it. No one is interested to know what 'chan' means. I asked Junko about it only becasue I was trying to be kind, aren't you smart enough to understand? Geez.

 Have no idea what point you are making.

1. So now you blame the media for misleading you?

2. You want to tell us even Einstein, possible the most intelligent person in history, said that he'd rather like beautiful woman?

By the way, really don't like your earlier comment about the poor model who had been humiliated on your country's national TV. When you made the joke about her, it actually made you looked bad...

Oh my God!

Did you just say "quite silly after seeing so many people, for no reason, calling each other with it in the forum". Dear, yes here is a place for learning English, but it doesn't mean that we cannot share our cultures, as well. Here is the right place to learn and to share. Here, Some of us (close friends) call each other with name+chan. Chan is a Japanese honorific suffix, but i guess you are not interested in it, at all. Anyway, it is not silly, it is just a way to show our love to our dear friends.

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