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If you could be attractive and stupid or intelligent and ugly, which would you prefer? Why?

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 Have no idea what point you are making.

1. So now you blame the media for misleading you?

2. You want to tell us even Einstein, possible the most intelligent person in history, said that he'd rather like beautiful woman?

By the way, really don't like your earlier comment about the poor model who had been humiliated on your country's national TV. When you made the joke about her, it actually made you looked bad...

Oh my God!

Did you just say "quite silly after seeing so many people, for no reason, calling each other with it in the forum". Dear, yes here is a place for learning English, but it doesn't mean that we cannot share our cultures, as well. Here is the right place to learn and to share. Here, Some of us (close friends) call each other with name+chan. Chan is a Japanese honorific suffix, but i guess you are not interested in it, at all. Anyway, it is not silly, it is just a way to show our love to our dear friends.

Why are you people trying to offend others?

Isn't it obvious that Junko-chan prefers to be "intelligent and ugly"? She just gave an example of Ugly Betty which is a way to explain herself!


Well, Svilen, as same as hadeer, I want to talk to you too :)

You seem to have known many vocabularies and your English writing is very good. You also make unique comments and most importantly, you are honest!!

I hope we can have a chance to debate other topics in the future. This one hadeer got the seat before me so I will let her -lol

See you somewhere in EC:)

1- I didn't blame media for misleading me! I said media creates those people and at the same time media defames them. We can't know the truths if we didn't see them with our own eyes. 

2- Einstein tries to tell the importance of time with different feelings of two things: a beautiful woman, that feeling/time passes so quickly, bcoz it gave us joy... and a hot tin, this feeling/time doesn't pass quickly, because it hurted us. I’m speaking of this in a more Einsteinian relativistic manner based on the perception of TIME. Aren't you smart enough to understand?

Well... you know what that model was very happy after saying that, bcoz after that she was popular more. And, if she is happy with that what can I do? It is not humiliation. Everybody chooses their own path in this life, it is her choice, i just can respect that. 

Well. I didn't like the way you see this discussion! A debate? A fight? Humiliating others with rude words?

O, o...I'm late. As usual. And what can I see? A battle field!


Seriously, how many people here thinking 'Betty', the TV character portrayed by an actress called American Ferrera is 'ugly'? To use her as an example is untenable.

I'm not trying to offend anyone here. There is no ain for me doing so. As I mentioned earlier, it's just a debate for us to practice English. Don't get personal!

By the way, you really should stop to use 'chan' addressing other EC members regardless their nationality. It doesn't show how polite and how cultured you are. For Junko, it understandable and cute but for you it is very misleading -you are not a Japanese. Don't you have your own culture and identity?

Rather you like it or not, the open title is asking you to choose either A or B and requiring an explanation. Therefore it is a debate that also expects some very interesting discussions.

Actually, you are the first person who started the debate. We all quite enjoyed reading Hardi's humorous comment and couldn't help laughing until you came along starting an arguement with him. However, both Hardi and I saw the faults in your arguement. He doesn't agree with your point Einstein is ugly and I don't agree with your certainty of 'Paris Hilton is stupid'. Your post also have many other faults. For example, you went to the extent to humiliate a model whom we obviously do not know, making fun of her and also trying to prove your logically impossible point that is because she said something silly on TV so she is certainly stupid. You were implying all beautiful woman are stupid which clearly not true. I felt you were either jealous or close-minded.Providing prove-nothing pictures also did you no good.

My suggestion, if you cannot accept any criticism in a debate, next time you might have no need jumping immediately, let alone critic others. If you want to participate, you might need to change your attitude in the future, not to become easily offended, calling people who don't agree with you are rude, etc. It is a discussion forum for constructive debate, not a chat room where everyone just say nice things to each other, repeatedly, so disagreements and challenges can happen all the time.

However, I don't think I need to come back to debate with you anymore. Your last two posts have no valid points and lost focus (have no interests to discuss 'time' here). You obviously feel offended. There is no need. I sincerely hope you well and perhaps see you on other thread on EC in the future. Bye now :)

it is a funny discusion,is it?

everyone hope that they can  be perfect.

so someone will admire the one who is intelligent or attractive or very successful in his or her career and life.

for me,certainly,I have a dream! I wish I am to be perfect in every aspects.

Hi Tetyana sudyma, i think being intelligent and ugly is far better than being attractive and stupid CUZ i have seen a lot of intelligent and ugly people, for an example..all the people who are renowned/well known/ popular in this world are ugly by looks but intelligent by brain. Where as those who are attractive is/are full of stupidity by nature. To be attractive and stupid won't open our way towards SUCCESS but being intelligent and ugly is the ultimate path towards future....

The both alternatives have their advantages and disadvantages. When someone is attractive he/she could gain from that attractiveness, even stupid. For example a woman can find a rich husband who might not be attractive at the same time :D.   

I reckon I prefer your second choice. Because intelligence is important to build your personality, attitudes, tastes, knowledge. Not because of wealth but because of my spiritual life I would prefer your second choice. What is it for my beauty and attractiveness if I am empty inside; if my soul is empty?   

Apart from that people should learn to notice beauty that comes from inside, from someone's character and personality and not only from their appearance.

Yes, it supposed to be a funny one...

May your BIG dream comes true!

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