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If you could be attractive and stupid or intelligent and ugly, which would you prefer? Why?

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I told you I have no problem with you enjoy watching TV. It's not me but Tetyana Sudyma who first suspected you did not give a honest answer. She might be convinced now but I can still sense your answer, well, not convincing.

In this thread, you have replied many times and given many examples to prove you appreciate other unattractive people, in real-life whom you have met or in TV whom you watched. You did not answer if you'd rather be ugly for yourself. In other words, are you seriously want to be born ugly, such as bad skin, shot, with receding hair and protruded teeth? I doubt it.

By the way, I had no interest to know what 'chan' means. I actually found it is a quite silly after seeing so many people, for no reason, calling each other with it in the forum, as if EC is not a place for English language. I used it because I had to reply it back as it is the way you called me, and asked you about it because I felt my debate with you might be a little hash for you but I trusted you could handle it -Am I right?

I thought this is a very good topic to debate, for practising our English skills and I hope everyone enjoy it :)

Oh Yasmin, forget about it. No one is interested to know what 'chan' means. I asked Junko about it only becasue I was trying to be kind, aren't you smart enough to understand? Geez.

Oh my God!

Did you just say "quite silly after seeing so many people, for no reason, calling each other with it in the forum". Dear, yes here is a place for learning English, but it doesn't mean that we cannot share our cultures, as well. Here is the right place to learn and to share. Here, Some of us (close friends) call each other with name+chan. Chan is a Japanese honorific suffix, but i guess you are not interested in it, at all. Anyway, it is not silly, it is just a way to show our love to our dear friends.

Why are you people trying to offend others?

Isn't it obvious that Junko-chan prefers to be "intelligent and ugly"? She just gave an example of Ugly Betty which is a way to explain herself!


Seriously, how many people here thinking 'Betty', the TV character portrayed by an actress called American Ferrera is 'ugly'? To use her as an example is untenable.

I'm not trying to offend anyone here. There is no ain for me doing so. As I mentioned earlier, it's just a debate for us to practice English. Don't get personal!

By the way, you really should stop to use 'chan' addressing other EC members regardless their nationality. It doesn't show how polite and how cultured you are. For Junko, it understandable and cute but for you it is very misleading -you are not a Japanese. Don't you have your own culture and identity?

if i can choose, i'll choose attractive n intelligent,...haha

Well, I do agree with Yasemin's answer... intelligence lasts forever..

So, I'll choose intelligent but ugly...

being ugly for me doesnt, we can go to any saloon to have a "make over" treatment..:)

Dear Natalia!

The question is very strict: you have no possibilities to change your appearance. So....ugly and smart or beautiful and stupid?

ooohhh...haha...sorry...okay, i'll choose...

emm...i prefer being an ugly but smart coz once u're so much intelligent, people will see the beauty inside u...:)) take me with u!!LOL...:))

O, o...I'm late. As usual. And what can I see? A battle field!

it is a funny discusion,is it?

everyone hope that they can  be perfect.

so someone will admire the one who is intelligent or attractive or very successful in his or her career and life.

for me,certainly,I have a dream! I wish I am to be perfect in every aspects.

Yes, it supposed to be a funny one...

May your BIG dream comes true!


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