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If you are agree with this, What will you put in the Gap.. !!!!!!??

As people grow up and they realize that it becomes less important to have more friends and more important to have( .........)

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hi eyad 

it is more important to have respect.

best wishes

Hi Eyad,

I don't agree with this sentence,

But if I have to fill in the Gap I write less enemies

It is better being among the friends than being among the crowd.

so here in the blank, more important to have less but true friends

Thanx for your discussion Eyad

Thanks for comment, I totally agree with you i prefer to have real one better than a hundred

Saba I think , i am with to have more friends but not the fake ones , so i think making a true one better than millions , and if u wanna fill the gap in money i don't believe in that money can be instead of friend we always need some one to talk ,share ,having fun , so money is just an instrument.

Thanks for sharing your opinion


Thanks Muntasir for your comment , i think even we have true friend  be close to him, but do not go over to him! We should also respect the enemy in our friend. 

what a hard question!!!!

but there is nothing in a person's life that could be more valuable than a real friend.


Hi.. more important to have a reliable friend....

Lmao hahaaa... only drugs can save us :D


   This depends on ur type of personality  and the people who are around u  . Let me speak about myself here  . When I was young in my teenage and 20s   , I felt the need for having friends around and asking others about things , due to the lack of experience  . Now  , I am 37 and a mom for 4 kids . I don't find people interesting most of the time . They are boring and there aren't  many things that they can add to me . I like to spend my time reading books or watching things on the youtube  . I also feel that  as. Some  people  grow up they lose their purity and honestly  . They become  more greedy. , tend to fight u because of material  things we may have but they haven't. 

          I like to protect my self from them by sitting limits,  because  I don't want to be hurt or fooled by them . Nevertheless  , I can't say that there are not many good and great people who have helped me a lot  

    Finally  , we can't deny that social or outgoing characters  like to immerse themselves in others because  , this is what is their lives all about :)


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