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Hello everybody, :D 

everybody, sharpen your lips and stiffen your pouts, because we are gonna kiss today :D 

This topic started when I was kissing (oops) discussing about kissing culture with someone in private chat just few days ago, ehm.. ehm.. So, it was nice to know about kissing method in different cultures :D 

As to our culture (Syrian Culture), there are different types of kissing. I will mention three types here, and you will be free to add, discuss, or mention about how it is going on in your cultures..  

1- Hand kissing (sometimes foot kissing): 

It's used as an expression that children do for parents in general. When it's about foot kissing, it's very strong and extreme gratitude or expression that sometimes also children wish to show to their parents. I also want to say that hand kissing is more popular, and it's practiced almost every morning and evening by children (even adults or old children). It is also extended to grandpas and oldies in general. 

In the below picture, you can see also a bride who is kissing the hand of her mother in law in her wedding day which is also practiced by the majority in Syria.

2- Forehead Kissing: 

It's practiced as an expression of tenderness or respect. It's practiced by parents with their children and vise versa. It can be practiced even by partners after reconcile a fight or to avoid showing intimacy and embarrassing in public.

3- Cheek Kissing: 

Apart from that kissing which is practiced between partners. Cheek Kissing is also used as a friendly expression between familiar friends of the same gender (males to males, and females to females) in Syria. Though it's not very frequently used, but nobody can take it as homosexual acting in my culture, because homosexuality there is very rarely recognized. I want also to add that it's practiced when there is long time you haven't seen a friend or when a friend is coming or going from a long or a far travel.

 That was everything I wanted to say about kissing in my culture. Please feel free to add, object, discuss, or speak to us about kissing in your culture. 

Sources of the photos:

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interesting Rose :) 

Basically I am familiar with the information you explained in your comment, because we are used to see them in the movies.. I just didn't know that hand kissing of the ladies becomes an old habit there...

However, here it's meant only for parents. and for your surprise, it would be a shame, if a man did it to his girl or wife... because people here would look at him as he is a weak character that his wife is controlling him and making him kiss her hand in submission as a baby... but other kisses between partners like lips kissing, cheek kissing, and forehead kissing are totally fine between partners here...

just there is one note as I explained in my discussion, which is people here feel shy to do lips kissing in public, and then it's regarded as confidential and intimate thing between partners.. 

Thanks for reading and commenting for the discussion, Rose :) 

Yes, AG, it surprises me really to hear, men will be misjudged when they kiss the hands of her beloved's or their wives.
In my eyes, it isn't a sign of men's weakness or of female's domination over a male. Much more it shows to me the men's self-confidence and pride,  their admiration and respect.

yes, I can perfectly understand you... but I wanna just make you imagine it that people here use to see this special kiss for parents and elders only.. and thus, when a man does it to his beloved, then it's a shame in the mind of people, because they use to see it for parents and elders only.. 

Interesting discussion.

Yeah, we have the same culture.

But i think it is particularly practiced by muslim only. Mauritian muslim also do the same kissing. But not hand kiss. In Indonesia, we (muslim) practice the hand kiss, not only to parents but also to other people commonly it's did by the youth to the old such as student to teacher, grandson to grandparents, and etc.

I like the hand kissing of parents.. Happy to know that it's done by mostly all Muslim countries.. I used also to do it to elders when I was a kid.. but to be honest, I prefer to keep it due to parents or grandparents only... because sometimes it's becoming really over.. 

in my country, we kiss not only using lips, but also with other body parts...if u know what i mean ))


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