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Hello everybody, :D 

everybody, sharpen your lips and stiffen your pouts, because we are gonna kiss today :D 

This topic started when I was kissing (oops) discussing about kissing culture with someone in private chat just few days ago, ehm.. ehm.. So, it was nice to know about kissing method in different cultures :D 

As to our culture (Syrian Culture), there are different types of kissing. I will mention three types here, and you will be free to add, discuss, or mention about how it is going on in your cultures..  

1- Hand kissing (sometimes foot kissing): 

It's used as an expression that children do for parents in general. When it's about foot kissing, it's very strong and extreme gratitude or expression that sometimes also children wish to show to their parents. I also want to say that hand kissing is more popular, and it's practiced almost every morning and evening by children (even adults or old children). It is also extended to grandpas and oldies in general. 

In the below picture, you can see also a bride who is kissing the hand of her mother in law in her wedding day which is also practiced by the majority in Syria.

2- Forehead Kissing: 

It's practiced as an expression of tenderness or respect. It's practiced by parents with their children and vise versa. It can be practiced even by partners after reconcile a fight or to avoid showing intimacy and embarrassing in public.

3- Cheek Kissing: 

Apart from that kissing which is practiced between partners. Cheek Kissing is also used as a friendly expression between familiar friends of the same gender (males to males, and females to females) in Syria. Though it's not very frequently used, but nobody can take it as homosexual acting in my culture, because homosexuality there is very rarely recognized. I want also to add that it's practiced when there is long time you haven't seen a friend or when a friend is coming or going from a long or a far travel.

 That was everything I wanted to say about kissing in my culture. Please feel free to add, object, discuss, or speak to us about kissing in your culture. 

Sources of the photos:

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what a huge study about kisses!!! AWESOME and very informative!!! I have learned so many things here. It is like kiss is in your country is also taken as a proof of respect.
As for Czech republic - even though we are in central Europe we tend to be be more like northern countries - cold countries. People don't show so much emotions and it is also related to kissing. We don't kiss our parents on hands, as for meeting friends - depends on people..some people kiss cheeks, others not.
However, what is very weird to the strangers is that we give kiss on lips :D
I kiss my kids on lips but ofc it has nothing to do with sth sexual - it is just a kiss. When my relatives or some friends wish me happy bday - they also kiss me on lips :D It is just normal here and we don't take it as sth weird...

Hi, Lucie :D 

Gosh, it's very new and surprising information to know that people in your countries kiss on lips for greeting... I thought it would be agreed around the globe that lips kissing is something intimate that happens only between partners.. I knew now that I was wrong :D

Nice to read your comment here.. thanks for praising my writing ^_^

Omg not when they meet :D when they wish sb happy bday :D twisted it against me hahaaa

lol, but it's still surprising, Lucie :D 

It is just common love gesture between close people, Abdullah..I also kiss my daughter on lips and she does the same with me...totally natural and normal expressing of love! DON'T CALL ME LIKE THIS!!!!

OK.. OK.. :D 

Why have you gotten angry :D 

In my country, 1) hand kissing is the one which usually men do it to women to show their admiration. Many years ago young adults used to do it to their parents, mostly to their parents in low, as respect and when they got their wish for their marriage, but this is something that doesn't happen anymore. 2) Foot kissing doesn't exist in my country and is something that I find humiliating towards the person who do it. There are other ways, not offensive at all, to show your respect to the olders. However, I understand how you mean it in your culture. 3) Foreheand kissing is something that mostly kids get, lucky kids :D but sometimes adults do it also with each other. I agree, it shows tenderness and that you care about the person you kiss. 4) Cheek kissing in both cheeks is the most popular kissing between friends and known people when you want to greet them warmer than just a hello, especially when you haven't see someone for a long time.

There are different ways of kissing with different feelings but I think they are almost all same in every culture :)


here kissing hands like gentleman did to ladies is sth what totally disappeared :D so you see.. poor our women!
Luci, that's something I've already done. Even open to her the door's restaurant, pub... or helping her step out of the car ;)
(Just in special events or if I feel inspired)

Ah, here is a romantic gentleman! Estanis, I am proud of you! :D

it's very gentle of you, My dear friend :D 

I can imagine you..:D such a sweet man which all women dream of :D 

Luci, hehe. Don't imagine... it doesn't happen often... It's difficult to find such romantic men nowadays, but it happened to me enough times. Lucky me :D


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