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Actually I had a random conversaftion and a dare with a member here about fart so it brings up into this discussion. Have you ever practice fart? I doubt you never... :/

As a human being, fart is a normal thing as well as eat. Different country, different culture. In my country, if you make fart and burp in public that means impolite. Maybe people will stare at you or say "Go to other place if you want to fart".

But some rebels, like me, sometimes break that rules. I sometimes make fart and burp in front of my friends (of course, friends who already knew me for so long) and make it just for fun. In my family, if I fart and burp in front of my parents, they will scold me... but yeah I dont take it seriously,lol.

So how about your people react toward fart and burp? I would like to know :)

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Saya tidak suka kentuk, Diah. Publik, itu tidak sopan. Some of our countrymen do it and do not feel any kind of embarrassment. We have to be polite as possible as we can in front of the others. Such acts are better avoided with other people. An interesting or rather a provoking topic. 

Yes Sir Dara, it's inappropriate thing to do in public. But maybe some people who are really close make it for fun and they take permission before they really make it. Thanks for giving your thoughts!

Terima kasih kembali, Diah. Even with our close ones we have to be polite. Our good religion taught us nice things. We have to have manners so others can respect us. 

Yeah, i agree. Maybe it depends on people. Some people like challenge so they break the rules :D

Hi Diah! You are so brave to post such a discussion!

In my case everything is the same as in yours, except that I don't do that even if they are my close friends... And I always say sorry if something like this happens...

Have a good day!

Haha Roman, I know this discussion is quite embarrassing. Just I had a random conversation with a member here and he was surprised to hear what I do. So I'm curious about the other countries contemplate this small issue :D

you made me laugh with this :D honestly, I would like to see the culture or the society where people fart in front of each other on the streets as if nothing and where burping means hi :D

As I know - in some countries burping after finishing your meal means sth like giving like to the cook :D not at the restaurant but guess at home :p

However, here in my country (Czech republic) burping or farting is considered sth very emberassing - especially in the public and at home among the relatives too...
Yeah Luci, I ever heard that in western countries and USA don't judge this as an impolite thing. So I want to make sure whether it's true or not.

And are you sure about the countries that let people to burp after getting meals? Which countries then? I would like to know, so maybe if I visited them, I would do that haha.

  Hi  , Diah u have chose an embarrassing topic to discuss here :D :D :D 

           In my place it is shamfule to fart in public  , let me say consider it as a stigma 

 Ur discussion have reminded me of a know tale about farting  from my tradition  . Once  upon a time  a young man farted in public  in a village gathering  . They started laughing at the poor man and he left their assembly that night  ,  the story didn't end here  . 

           The next day  , when got out of his house people continued  to laugh at him . They even called him the Farter  . He suffered alot from their bulliness and laughter  , for a whole  . After a year  , he decided to leave the village for ever  . So , he traveled to one of the big cities and began a new life there .

          However  , after 10 years of being far from his village   , he felt homesick  and decided to return back to his home  . As soon as he reached his village and on a well , where 2 women were  filling their goatskins with water and chatting   . He heard one of them asking the other  . Ohh   , when ur son was born???  They other women laughed saying , when so and so farted in the village assembly :D 

        The man was totally  shocked   , and he didn't enter the village at all . He took his way back to the city for the rest of his life  :( . They claim that this is a real story   

Omg, Rosemary... what a bad story... Why the heck this world is so crazy????!
The world sometimes goes crazy as well as the people. That's why we should have to tackle some stigma... well for this, maybe nobody can agree to make it legal in public lol
Wow I never heard such story before. I thought it's a fiction not based on true story. But why they make it a big deal? So how about now in your country? Is it still an embarrassing to do? What if someone make fart unintentionally in public because s/he cant hold it for a moment?


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