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I`d like to know why i can`t enter to the main room..and chat with people in public?

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How can i enter the main room, i dunno how actually it`s kinda ruff to me, or you EC maybe you don`t want me anymore haha well i`ll leave if you say so Haha ...

Did this problem just happen today for the first time? Sometimes members are suspended from chat. Did this happen to you? 

I know the answer to the question: As you know EC uses a new PLATFORM for the NEW CHAT ROOM and this platform that is as follow is filtered is some countries and we cannot access the NEW CHAT ROOM unless EC's Admin change the platform which they use for Ec's new chat room;

Here is the site that is filtered in some countries and because of that we ca not use EC's new chat room:

Hello Tara, and all member here, im having a problem with my new laptop, i cant chat on main i dont know what happens to it, i can only caht on pvt :(

I think it's about my laptop, but i dont know how to fix it, or i need to dowload any program in special,,

May u help me?, my only problem is MAIN ROOM 

Thanks in advanced :)

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