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Is having kids the base  of  establishing any family  . I mean when a male and a female meet  together . Is having  kids and bring them up their first priority  ??!!

What if they aren't able to have them ? Dose it mean the end of their relationship 

Some couples have kids .However  , they fight all the time and don't feel happy  to have them . In my opinion  , bringing  a child in this world is a big responsibility. 

      Let me what do think dear English Club members  ?:)

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Children are the core of your marriage, typically.  Some couples are infertile due to some kind of tragedy, but they can always adopt.  When you throw out children, you lose the demographic core of your country.

We're having this happen right now across the West and as a result, Muslims in Western countries may eventually become the majority populations.  Demography is destiny!

Also I could not see the point of marriage if I didn't have children with it.  I'd just stay single

"Some couples fight all the time " I don't think the reason all the time from kids , but I think for sure they will be happy when they even just watching kids playing around . That feeling is amazing! !!!

First at all, I like the four kids photo in your discussion above :D 

and then, yes.. let's say.. it's not necessary in a way that without having it, everything will be destroyed... No, of course not in this way... Because many times, one of the couple is infertile or something that they would not be able to produce a baby.. Relationship, under this term, can still continue and be secured if they decide to cope with it... But on the other hand, It's true that any relationship will come to lifelessness and it will be very desperate and hard without having kids within it.. I strongly believe that having a kid is the key for any happy couple, because it brings them a new life which renew their love and help them into continuation.. 

      Okay :) I didn't expect  that  all the men responses  on the discussion , will be with having  kids coz usually it's  moms jobs.  Mercer  said he'd rather  stay single if not having  kids  , Camel recall his father words about understanding what  dose  it mean to be a dad and AG point  that it is a key to happiness  . Thanks guys  u added alot with ur passionate  words to my view about this topic . Jess respond saying she will be happy to see a kid playing around :) Maybe  we are real human when we are kids 

i agree with Camel

To have children is natural.  I am seeing here in the USA the trend to have pets mostly by those families who do not have kids.  Without kids, a family is considered incomplete.  In Eastern societies, the relationship becomes stronger between the couples when there are kids, and the bond persists.  In such cases divorce is rare.  Besides I have also seen here that people adopt kids if they are unable to have their own.  There are also colors in the painting of the universe with kids.  And without them, I do not think life seems incomplete.

"Is necessesary to have kids?"

Well, is not 'necessary' but it can be 'helpful'.
Like having lil Oompa Loompas working for/with you...

need for a happiest life.

I'm totally agreed with my friend AG.Thanks a lot and appreciate your equitable answer.

However, I used to think every kid are mine.Even my kids my every pleasure and my every treasure.

Not necessary, even a husband isn't necessary either. :)

But I love to have kids to care, to love, to be with me...even though the kid didn't come from me. :)

We have to delink happiness and having kids. It is two different topic. Having kids are your responsibility or your contribution to give back to society as your parents did. If you decide or all people decide not to have kids. Human beings will not be no more after this generation.
Your own kids will teach you many lessons while bringing them to a adult. It will make everybody a perfect man or woman.
Also kids will bring a lot of sweet memories.
If a person taste it then only understand. It can't explain
whatever, i already have them and live happilly with my children, I would be bored to die without my little girl and baby boy. its very different from what i was thinking before their birth, and you'll never know it untill you have one.

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