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Once my friends asked me about doing makeup. They do makeup so bad but I can't tell them directly when they ask like "Is it okay?"  I have to say like it looks good even though they are not. I just want them to be proud with their abilities :) Am I wrong ?

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Hello again, Jessie. Well, such lies are little (little or small?) and innocent as they call them, and they are very common. Many people don't dare to tell that something is not nice on their friends. They afraid of the reaction of their friends. If they get angry or hurt. And so they are just kind with fake words. It happened to me some times in the past when I was younger, but now I surely tell them what I really think.

To everything that you say, it is very important the way that you say it. When you have good intention and you speak as kindly as you can, then it woul be easier. For example you can tell to your friend that her makeup is nice but on her face it would suit her a more natural makeup or not so long line of the eyeliner, or whatever your think.

Don't afraid to tell your opinion. Your friends really want to know if something is wrong, otherwise they wouldn't ask you. In the end, think that you save them from the possibility to be an object of ridicule in public!

It s true, Elen. I am just afraid that they might lose their confidence about their ability of doing makeup 

I don't think they will be so much affected to lose their confidence about their abilities. Don't worry about it. :)

Hi Jessie! You are right that it can hurt your friends. So the only one right decision is to say the truth but little bit veiled truth. For example if you see that she/he looks bad, you can say "Mmmm... it could be better..." or "Well, this is not the best your look".

So you must say the truth but with soft words.

telling them the truth might be better way to do. Thank you

Nope. Never ever.

And I'm not human either. I come from outer space

Here is me and my planet:

Why did you come to the Earth? And how did you come? What is interesting there?

Disturbingly literal or innocently gullible. Hmmmmm...

Are you an alien? Why I can't understand clear even one single your message?

First off, that sentence was directed at you, but I didn't want to be very forward about it. Second, BUSTED... how did ya know I was an extraterrestrial? 'Cause my hairdo isn't betraying me at all. None whatsoever.P.S Have you ever considered pursuing a career in the arena of detectives?

I understand just : That sentence was directed to me

You didn't want to make it clear

Second - Busted, I have no idea what does it mean...

Next sentence is clear.

About hairdo I don't know. Do you have to tame your hair?

None whatsoever... What none?


I didn' know... And yes, I have considered, but almost no...

What abilities? They cannot do makeup, right? So it shouldn't be called "ability" and if you keep telling them it's okay, they will never change the way they do it...


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