The world sucks! Everything is bad!! Okay... but there are exceptions. C'mon! tell me something nice that made/make your day! 

Everything is bad but... Good thing there are cute cats :3


*foot note*  Even if most of you already know it, is never too late to remember that here we can also use the conjunction: But as the meaning: Except/Except for. Example:

"Everything is bad but chocolate" is like saying= "Everything is bad except for the chocolate!"

Sorry if I'm clumsy explaining, but you know... I'm not any teacher and neither pretend to be! ;)  --- If there's any teacher in the room, he/she could explain it better and without any grammar mistake... like I probably do! XD

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...but my couch and beer after my workday :]

Ouchh! Do I seem like Homer? :o

Homer Simpson?:)

I prefer watching them instead of news nowadays :)
Cool! :)

Yeah, Homer Simpson or probably also like 80% of male population XD

I cooked amazingly delicious cutlets today... Such tender and juicy cutlets! And what is interesting, while searching for good words to express how delicious they were, I found that "chops" is one more name of cutlets... I didn't know that.

Nice to read that you enjoyed your food

Btw I didn't know that word either, so we both learnt something today ;)

Yes, and the cat is cute!!!:)

    Finishing  a novel in the evening  , while  drinking  my coffee :) 

Uhm yeah, stuff like that also can make my day :)

Thanks Rosemary!

Everything sucks..BUT enjoying a bar of dark chocolate in the warm tube is the best way to overcome it ;)

Who said chocolate??!

Definitely, just that can make my day!

Thanks Luci :)


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