Does face play an important role in falling in love with someone?

Today, I was chatting with my friend after many days.  She said that she starts loving a friend with whom she has been chatting for one year. Being a good observer I could observe that she really likes him.

I asked her a question, “how does he look like?”  

She answered, “No, I have not seen him yet”

I laughed at her answer and said, “hahaha! You love that person whom you have not seen yet”

She replied me this, “very funny ……….he is a nice person. I like his way of talking, words which he uses while chatting with me, he respects me…………….. and do you mean that one falls in love only after seeing his/her face??”

She had the point…… this compels me to ask this question to you, friends … what do you think about it?

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I really don't think looks matter a lot. Relationships and marriages are about 10% looks and 100% compatibility, love, commitment and loyalty.  What matter is how they feel about you and how comfortable you are with them Later in relationship looks, age, hight, weight doesn't matter at all What matter is your bonding with that person which will be very rare if you get to find one Mutual feelings are very rare, you are just lucky if you find one Looks will fade away with time but what is going to strengthen with time is your bonding, the connection you two share.
If u are a person of a strong character and if u are honest to your better half then looks are the least bothered thing.For a relationship to work out one must keep transparency in his relationship and care for each other looks never matter if love is true...

So let me just ask.. there is a guy you consider ugly but has great personality...ofc partners are initimate after some you are able to kiss a person who doesn't attract you at all? The thing is that after some time you get used to this awesome personality and then what will remain - ugly face you have never liked (maybe you did at time you were crazily in love with his personality) that's actually the oposite of what you said here... I just think it should be 50:50 - balance is important and let me disagree that good appearance fades away... no because even after many years with wrinkles it is still the person whose face I always loved and will love exactly like his personality ;)

It does play a role... For me, I can say it plays 25% of the total evaluation or acceptance of a person.. But I can say that it's a necessary condition but not enough condition for me.. I mean that in case it scores low, I might not be interested in other evaluations... While if it scores well (or let's say "fair"), then I can go on through other evaluations of the personality.. 

Nowaday, some people never get married to a person until they know him personally. His characters and attitudes are main things that come to our consideration even if he or she is most prettest person in the world. You had to see him better, read his life and then you would logically decide him as your lover or not. For my money, sweet words do not make much sense in term of romance that might lead to successful relationship but his or her character, attitude

I would say mechanism of falling in love differs between men and ladies , from my observation , in most cases prettiness of a lady plays a big role in attraction and love for a man to fall in love ,and sure men also do love a lady for her personality and femininity ,and for women i guess in most cases they attracted to the personality and other things like kindness of the man and his gentility, and ofc the handsomeness of a man plays a role for a lady to love someone, but not that much isolated from these moral things.

I don't think it is so, otherwise the phrase LOVE IS BLIND would not have come in use.

Hi Mishaikh, I think that phrase has little bit another meaning... I think it means those things, which some people were not able to see in their beloved ones from the start, but only with passing of time.

No, Roman this is not the fact which you are assuming here. This is a universal phrase and also used my Eastern Culture, MUHABBAT ANDHI HOTI HAI.  It means that love does not see beauty and/or ugliness, cast and creed, religion, etc.  The one Cupid chooses to target has to become a victim. Do you know about ISHQ-E-LAILA (Love of Laila and Majnoon).  Laila means DARK NIGHT. It is said laila was not beautiful.

I hope this explanation satisfies you.

Yes, it is. But I don't know about Laila. But from your reply I think, I guess what is it about:)


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