Does face play an important role in falling in love with someone?

Today, I was chatting with my friend after many days.  She said that she starts loving a friend with whom she has been chatting for one year. Being a good observer I could observe that she really likes him.

I asked her a question, “how does he look like?”  

She answered, “No, I have not seen him yet”

I laughed at her answer and said, “hahaha! You love that person whom you have not seen yet”

She replied me this, “very funny ……….he is a nice person. I like his way of talking, words which he uses while chatting with me, he respects me…………….. and do you mean that one falls in love only after seeing his/her face??”

She had the point…… this compels me to ask this question to you, friends … what do you think about it?

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Hi Rahul Bhai! What a good question:)

I think it plays important role in falling in love with someone! :) I have one friend that just fell in love with one girl, from the first sight. He didn't even talk/chat with her.

Ops Roman I am afraid if he knew her character he may stop loving her, cuz character is so important though.;)
I am afraid that will never come to know what is her character...
Interesting discussion, Rahul ;)

I think she fell in love with his personality - yes thats ofc possible BUT do believe me attraction plays its role too... so I am sure that when she see him one day and find him NOT attractive - her "love" will be gone... how can you kiss a person whom you find not atrractive? (I mean there is no chemistry between you too).. virtuality made this process oposite because normally people firstly see each other and then if they like each other..they give it a chance to get to know one another better... I wish your friend would be lucky and after seeing this guy she would be crazily in love ;)

And here i'm the one who is reading comments just to learn English..:D :P :P :P

We can't ignore appearance of someone. That's a fact. Let me tell you a real story in the same case. A daughter of my mom's friend's married to US army living in japan. They never met each other. He only asked for her pic never knew how her appearance. He decided to marry her after knowing her for 6 months. Happy ending story. Lol. I hope your friend will get a better choice (leave or stay in her feelings).
Baho, in the start of your comment I thought it will be the sad end...

Thank You, Roman, Luci, Baho for the comment. :) :) 

well.... you all are  "with" the topic.... like me .... so, it really plays an important role. 

Thank you, friends, for the participation. 

having a powerful complexion is certainly important but this doesnt mean that it is everything.If you are good at and have heart eyes, it is better to see beauty behind her/him that less one can see.

You have used good words .... Camel Bhai ....  and you are right.

thank you for the nice comment. 

Good question rahul,,,, as I have talked with someone about such topic, and we reached a point of view. In which he was a guy and I am a girl lol. Anyway, we ended to this when a guy loves a girl , he needs to see her face either she is beautiful or not even if he likes her character and so on. Then he can decide to complete with her or not. But when the girl loves ,she loves that man manliness ,character, actions . Then these things make him look handsome in her eyes even if he isn't. And I actually agree these two points of view according to that the mentality of a male is totally different from the mentality of a female.


A good answer... Opti.... I like your answer, you have cleared some of my doubts and you have written the reality :) :) 

Thank you for participating here and giving your valuation viewpoints. 


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