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Do you guys use English in your daily life or not?

Hello everyone :)

As I am curious person, I would like to know, how often do you use English apart from this website or virtual communication with your friends...

Do you study in English? Do you use English at work? What about people (foreigners) you meet when you travel - do you speak English with them? Aren't you afraid of speaking English?

Just share you experiences, please ;)

As for me I use English time to time at work when some foreigners come to our office because believe it or not but in my city are rarely such kind of law offices where people are able to communicte in English (what a shame, ha? :D).. I also use English when I go abroad here in Europe. Sometimes they prefer German but luckily English is still used a lot...

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I'm new here , I saw your profile and I decided to do comment on your questions.

Yes , I'm using English When I have a free time , but I speak English a little bit with friends and also foreign friends ,, because I don't have free time for speak in that time When They're free , and When I'm free They're busy , it will be difficult to speak with someone He/She be so far from you , I mean about time zone , so I speak English little time ,, but I'm chatting with friends so much ,,, but I think chatting isn't useful every time , because we need to practice , is more useful 

chatting is good for typing right words , and even makes our writing better

but practice is more better than chat , there have so much people can speak English very well , but they don't know writing , but their English are perfect , they're not have a problems with them English

 of course we will afraid when We speak with English native speakers , because we will afraid of our mistakes , but it is normally to speak with not native speakers .

everybody has a mistakes , but better one is trying to correct a mistakes .

of course this website is good website about improve English and join with friends , because we will need to help others , even we be able to so the best for our English .

It has been a pity to me. In writing I am well known here on EC there nothing to talk about this, much, very humbly I am welcome here. But in spoken English, it has been a tragedy for me that I 99% could not have a chance to talk with people in English because most of the people feel shy to use English, though my job pertained 100% on English, (written) I happened to be considered 'self-correspondent'. So in spoken English, I am not that fast as I am in written English.

Now I am in the USA here I have to speak English outside because there is no other way. I can easily communicate though not easily, I try to talk in small sentences.

So I always advise the learners to pay attention to speaking as well as in writing. Make a group of like-minded friends and speak with each other in English, no matter if in the beginning speak wrong English, but with the passage of time, you will get confidence.

Well, in my real life, I can say I only use it 15% with one of my friend. I only use it to chat on social media which depends on our moods. 

But, I have some virtual friends whom I know from some website and discuss about something.. and obviously I use English as the language because they are all foreigners. xD. But we just talk by chat not voice :(

So my weakness is I'm confused how to speak well in English and really need a partner who can help me improve my speaking skills haha

I use it all the time. Especially to swear angrily at people

Mostly when traveling, that's why I'm not confident with it. I remember last time I used it on a trip; it was in a hospital and have no very good memories :/

Here only with some lost tourist :D

Hello Luci,

I am attending in a discussion first time here. If do you trust me my fingers are shaking to press letters for making a word. Ohh my God my hands are sweating now and like no power them at all, why it's so tough to write English sentences.

I do use English 18 hours a week, some weeks a bit more if I will not go to the gym. I studied and am studying and will study English by myself because I don't want to spend money for that (lol kidding). 

I don't use English at work but whenever Iwill get free from lab works then I will come to my office and start to speak English (sometime add Russian, German or Swedish words in my speech) to look at the mirror like I am giving a lecture to my students. Honestly I wanted to speak with Dil who is talking to me in the mirror at least 45 minutes but our conversation not goes too long because of my lovely students. They will come and knock my door and started questioning me.

To be honest, I am not afraid of speking English but I don't have foreign friends to talk with me English. If I will meet foreigners I do try to speak English always. 

I read here some people comments, I am really curious about them, they wrote English very well but they don't often speak English in their daily life. In my case I am able to make a converstaion but my writing is poor. There pop up a question by natural, you have known each other since 2012 0r 2014..but why you are guys not talking each other via Skype or other social programms. I think it's very useful approach to improve speaking skills.

If there are mistakes in my context, please count me in the toddler groups.. :-) 

I use English in my daily life. I am a content writer and I make the content in Englsh. English is related to my job.

Well I'm not afraid or exiting, just have a fun during I try to speak in english :). Sometimes I have the feeling, I will never be able to speak so perfectly in english, or german as a native speaker. But who cares? I have my own native language what is beautiful, and only 12 million people can speak in hungarian. It depends on people, if I talk with someone who's kind, the foreign language goes better, but If he or she is an asshole on the contrary it goes worse. That's life!

اظہر الدین سید said:

Yeah I do use at my work we have to speak in English my job is to speak with customers in America atleast 7 hours  a day i speak there but after my shift I avoid using English I love to speak in my native language  when  I joined the first time for the first 15 mins  I feel like what the heck is going on here for me it's hard to understand them when I wanted to reply I couldn't speak maybe just bcoz I was afraid how do I sound to them and what if they make fun of my English but belive me they really don't care abt grammar they do make mistakes... Do u guys feel excited to talk with foreigners???

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