Do emails and phone calls make communiction easier?

I think the rapid propagation of electronic technologies computers ,internet, cellular phones and other communication tools become more important in our daily life.If I ask you do you prefer the modern communication methods like phone calls and emails or the traditional face to face meetings what do you prefer? what is the reasons of your selections?


Computer meeting

Face to face meeting

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In my view both are important face to face is necessary especially with family and relatives , I  can say that no one can only contact using phone or email all the time . On the other hand , modern communication make the life easier and faster it is the best way to communicate with other when you are very busy.  

Hello Ahlam_1:

Thank you very much for your nice comment,yes the both methods of face to face and electronic communication modern facilities are necessary.But I think in cases of new job candidates,it is preferable to use digital meetings through net.In some critical cases like traveling abroad,the internet ,emails and social networks are important to our life.Not only when you are busy but also when you want to enjoy your time or use your spare time in useful thing.Face to face still good communication method full of body language and emotions.

Yes Barbare :

Our life style these days force us to use internet because of loneliness.hahaha thank you my friend for your comment.

The unity in thinking,if you want to express your opinion to others with freedom and loneliness too ,but with your comments here I am not lonely and this is one of the great benefits of the internet.hahahahaha thank you my dear friend for your great comments.

hehehehehe ,thank you Barbare.

Hahaha; Deepa ,thank you vry much my friend for your nice comment,but till a short time I haven't cell phone and no problem but it add a lot for our life and save a lot of money and a lot of time.My work is an example ,many problems can solve through the cell phone,while in the past I must go to the company to solve this problem,but not to the limits of destroying.I think one important thing is important the system of nuclear rockets directions work by computers and I think with net too and If anything happen for these systems no control for the intercontinental  nuclear rockets .All world will be destroy.

hmmmm..hello dear friend ..i have to tell you from the time that i came to this site i like this kind of communication ...but i really prefer to see people around me and  .face to face ..i love hang out with my friend :)"

hmmmm..hello dear friend ..i have to tell you from the time that i came to this site i like this kind of communication ...but i really prefer to see people around me and  .face to face ..i love hang out with my friend :)"

Hmmmmmmm good answer Sima all eastern people like people around them hahaha like this

Hahahahaa thank you Sima for your late but nice comment.

Email is quite importmant in my life and work.Everyday I have to write and read many emials to communicate with my workmates on the workdays in the week,And  in the free time I think QQ is a good tool to communicate with my friends and family.

Thank you ,your comment show the importance of the of emails nowadays in our works we deal with a huge number of emails.I think the invention of computer is the best inventions in our modern life ,it is ease most of communications problems.I will search about QQ I think this is buddy program used to chat isn't it?


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